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Election and Voting Information

Every Spring, the OSA sponsors an all-campus election for the positions of President, Vice President and the Senators for each of the various colleges on campus, as well as an opportunity to vote on referenda questions concerning student life.  The elections are administered by the Elections Commission, which is a student body that reviews and reports on the outcome of OSA Election to the OSA Senate.
The elections are held to a strict set of guidelines that have been adopted by the OSA Senate, known officially as the OSA Elections Bylaws.  Anyone interested in running for an OSA position should ensure that they are well versed in the rules, linked below.
Terms of these elected officials run through the following academic year.
If you have any further questions regarding elections or would like to serve on the OSA Elections committee, please contact

Election Reports & Bylaws

Student Referendums

All Oshkosh Campus enrolled students are allowed to submit Referendum Petitions to be voted on during the Spring General Election.

A referendum must be phrased in such a way that a voter may cast a vote in favor of or against it. An action proposed by a referendum must be within the responsibilities or abilities of the Oshkosh Student Association.

To submit a referendum by petition, a student must submit the proposed question to the Senate at the same time statements of candidacy are due. The Election Commission determines the exact due date of statements of candidacy and will notify the student body at the beginning of the Spring Semester.

The Elections Commission will rule by majority vote within forty-eight (48) hours on whether or not the question is valid; if it is not, it will be returned to the submitter with comments, who will have forty-eight (48) hours to submit a revised question. Once the question is approved, the submitter must collect at least one hundred (100) valid signatures from enrolled students at least one (1) week in advance of the election in order for it to be placed on the ballot. If the question is approved, by the results of the election, the Senate and Assembly shall be required to take up the issue about which the referendum question regards as new business within two (2) meetings following the finalization of the results of the referendum.

EC-11 2021 Referendum Petition Form

EC-12 2021 Referendum Signature Collection Form

Please note: All referenda, except those held to ratify proposed amendments to the Constitution, those held as required by University, UW System or Board of Regents policy, and those held as a condition of approval for an action or proposed action by the Oshkosh Student Association, shall be advisory and nonbinding in nature.

Campaign and Voting Violations

The OSA and its advisers take campaign and voting violations very seriously. Each candidate running for elected office is required to follow specific rules set forth by the Election Commission. Below are those rules and regulations for reference. If any student witnesses any violation of these bylaws, the OSA encourages that student to submit a Rules Violation form to the OSA Office:

Campaign and Voting Violation allegations will only be accepted by the OSA Office until Noon (12:00pm) on the Friday following the conclusion of the Spring Election Day.

EC-07 2021 Allegation Rules Violation Form

Elections Bylaws – Adopted January. 20th, 2021

For questions or concerns, please contact the OSA Office: