Faculty Personnel Materials (Handbook)

Faculty Role Introduction (FAC 1A.1 and FAC 1B.1–4)
Academic Freedom (FAC 1A.2)
Statement of Principle – Core of Academe (FAC 1A.3)
Faculty Professional Ethics (FAC 1A.4)
Faculty Liability and Indemnification (FAC 1A.5)

Faculty Recruitment (FAC 2)
Faculty Appointment (FAC 3)

Renewal and Tenure
Faculty Retention, Development and Sabbatical (FAC 4.A)
Faculty Renewal (FAC 4.B)
Reconsideration of Nonrenewal or Denials of Tenure (FAC 4.C)
Appeal of Nonrenewal or Denials of Tenure (FAC 4.D)
Faculty Tenure (FAC 4.E)

Faculty Promotion (FAC 5)

Performance Review
Faculty Performance Review Introduction (FAC 6.0–2)
Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation
Post-Tenure Review (FAC 6.3)
UW Oshkosh Faculty Teaching Evaluation (FAC 6.4)
Improvement of Instruction (FAC 6.5)
UW Oshkosh Student Opinion of Instruction Data Collection Policy (FAC 6.6)

Workload and Recognition

Faculty Workload Policy (FAC 7A-B)
Faculty Recognition and Awards (FAC 7.C)


Procedures Relating to Faculty Layoff and Termination due to Financial Emergency or Program Discontinuance
Faculty Dismissal (FAC 8)
Voluntary Employment Separation (FAC 8.D 1 and 2)

Governance and Procedures

Faculty Constitution (GOV 1)
Faculty Senate Bylaws (GOV 2)
Faculty Senate Committees (GOV 3)
Faculty Voting Rights for Instructional Academic Staff (GOV 6.1)
All-University or Joint Committees and Related Governance Structures (GOV 6.2)
Faculty Ombudsperson (FAC 9.A)
Faculty Senate Hearing Committee (FAC 9.B)
Faculty Complaints Policy (FAC 9.C)
Faculty Grievances Policy (FAC 9.D)

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