Policies Under Review or Development

The following policies are under review or development, and campus feedback is welcome. Learn about each policy by clicking the policy name, and submit your feedback by following the link to the feedback form. If you have questions on the proposed policy, you may contact the individual listed for the policy.

PolicyPolicy Stage*CommentContact
Policy on Policy
Establish and codify the protocol for developing, revising, monitoring, publishing and enforcing institutional policies across the University.
DecisionProvost John Koker
Regent Policy 25-3 Acceptable Use of Information Technology ResourcesRecommendationMark Clements clementsm@uwosh.edu
Minor Protection & Adult Leadership PolicyDecisionKim Langolf
Mailto: langolfk@uwosh.edu
Reasonable Accommodation PolicyDecisionPatty Schrader
Children in the Workplace PolicyDecisionHolly Shea
Tobacco-Free Campus PolicyRecommendationPamela MacWilliams
Sustainable Integrated Pest Management Policy for Campus GroundsDecisionBrad Spanbauer
University Staff Senate Complaints PolicyDecisionLisa Goetsch
Consensual Relationship Policy
DecisionPatty Schrader
Sexual Violence PolicyDecisionPatty Schrader
Service and Animal Therapy PolicyDecisionArt Munin
Alcohol PolicyDecisionKurt Leibold
Drone PolicyDevelopmentKim Langolf
UW System Proposed Privacy PolicyDevelopmentMark Clements
Veterans Employment PolicyDecisionPatty Schrader
Event Accessibility PolicyFeedbackSubmit FeedbackPatty Schrader
University Staff Grievance Policy & ProceduresDecisionLisa Goetsch
University Staff Complaint Policy & ProceduresDecisionLisa Goetsch
Emeritus PolicyDecisionRicky Johnson
Public Access Automated External Defibrillator (AED) PolicyDecisionLori Welch
Payment Card Compliance - Data Security Standards Policy (PCC-DSS)DecisionMark Clements
University Staff Layoff PolicyDecisionRicky Johnson
UW System 350 - Payment Card Compliance PolicyDecisionMark Clements
UW System 1032 - Information Security Awareness PolicyDecisionMark Clements
UW System 1254 - Performance Management Process PolicyDecisionShawna Kuether
UW System 1277 Appendix 1 - TC 3 ESR PolicyDecisionShawna Kuether
UW System Appendix 2 - TC 3 Merit Pay PolicyDecisionShawna Kuether
UW System 1278 - TC 4 Pay Plan Compliance FormDecisionShawna Kuether
UW System - Plan of Action LAB Audit ResponseDecisionShawna Kuether

*Policy Stages

Each of the new or revised policies will go through the following five stages.

  1. Discussion: Possible policy action announced and discussed at Leadership Council.
  2. Development: Policy team, as recommended by Leadership Council, drafts policy language in consultation with subject matter experts.
  3. Feedback: All constituents are invited to give feedback into the policy development and revision process.
  4. Recommendation: Shared governance groups vote to recommend action for Chancellor’s consideration.
  5. Decision: Chancellor makes final decision and announces to constituents and Leadership Council.