Policies Under Review or Development

The following policies are under review or development, and campus feedback is welcome. Learn about each policy by clicking the policy name, and submit your feedback by following the link to the feedback form. If you have questions on the proposed policy, you may contact the individual listed for the policy.

PolicyPolicy StageContact
Unmanned Aircraft "Drones" Policy
This policy establishes minimal requirements for the safe operation of unmanned aircraft systems and shall be a reference to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, state laws, city ordinances, and university policies.
As of: 08/28/2023
Lori Welch
Software Governance Policy
This policy ensures that UW Oshkosh meets State of Wisconsin legal and policy requirements surrounding software purchase, use and renewal. This policy also establishes a set of measures to help mitigate information security risks related to authorized software.
As of: 08/28/2023
Mark Clements
Name in Use Policy
The goal of the Name in Use-Identified Name policy at UW Oshkosh is to provide a consistent identified name experience across university systems and use of one’s identified name wherever legal name is not necessary.
As of 08/28/2023
Jennifer Bonack
Data GovernanceFeedbackJennifer Bonack

*Policy Stages

Each of the new or revised policies will go through the following five stages.

  1. Discussion: Possible policy action announced and discussed at Leadership Council.
  2. Development: Policy team, as recommended by Leadership Council, drafts policy language in consultation with subject matter experts.
  3. Feedback: All constituents are invited to give feedback into the policy development and revision process.
  4. Recommendation: Shared governance groups vote to recommend action for Chancellor’s consideration.
  5. Decision: Chancellor makes final decision and announces to constituents and Leadership Council.