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From busy indigenous communities to a hard-scrabble pioneer town to a manufacturing and learning center in east central Wisconsin, so much history has accumulated on the shores of the Fox River and Lake Winnebago. Let’s imagine together a series of moments—many small, some large—taking place at specific locations to see how history stacks up upon this land.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh archivist Joshua Ranger takes readers on a journey through history in the cover story published in the first of two issues of Titan magazine dedicated to celebrating UWO’s sesquicentennial in 2021.

Ranger explores six moments at six locations from the past 150 years that reflect on UW Oshkosh’s expanding mission of serving the people of northeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

The magazine is full of facts, timelines and images from the past as well as vibrant photos depicting campus life in 2021.

Other stories in the winter issue include:

Be sure to watch for the summer 2021 issue of Titan magazine, which will include all the details about UWO’s full slate of sesquicentennial activities and events planned for fall 2021.