Class Notes - UW Oshkosh Anthropology
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Wait List Policy

  • Instructors do not sign ADD/DROP cards to enroll students into classes. ADD/DROP cards will only be used to sign off on time conflicts.
  • Students must go through the Office to enroll in Religious Studies and Anthropology classes beyond regular registration.
  • Wait lists are done for most of the classes in each program but some exceptions may apply. Interim and summer classes are not wait listed.
  • Tallies are done daily each morning by the ADA. Wait lists are not started until ALL sections of a course are full.
  • Once a class fills to capacity and a student wants to enroll in that class, they will need to see the ADA to fill out a wait list slip. Department consent requirement is then assigned to class.
  • Students must check their UWO email daily for notices of seat openings which the ADA coordinates.
  • If a student does not reply within the amount of time given (typically 24 hours), they are then dropped from the wait list. Students are informed of this when they sign up on the wait list. If a student is dropped from a wait list for failure to reply in timelines given, they are not added back to the wait list for that class.
  • Wait lists are maintained until the first day of the semester. At that time, department consent is removed from applicable classes and students can enroll themselves until the student enrollment deadline unless the instructor requests instructor consent be applied to their class.
  • Students may only get on a wait list when they are eligible to enroll for classes.

Special Course Fees

The following courses have additional fees applied with enrollment:

  • Anthro 202: Intro to Biological Anthropology — $10 lab fee
  • Anthro 225: Celebrating Culture Through the Arts — $15 materials fee and subject to a criminal background check
  • All online courses — $50 distance education fee