Medical Amnesty - Bystander Intervention
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Medical Amnesty — also known as the 911 Lifeline or 911 Good Samaritan Law in some states — is a state-wide law which grants intoxicated minors a limited legal immunity when they seek help for themselves or another individual who is in need of immediate medical attention.

To read Wisconsin’s Law:  2015 Wisconsin Act 279 

  • Alcohol related unintentional injuries are a leading cause of death among young people in the United States.
  • A Cornell University study concluded that while 19% of college students reported that help probably should have been called for a highly intoxicated individual they were with, only 4% actually made the call
  • 68% of teens report they fear getting in trouble and being cited by law enforcement when they drink

UW Oshkosh’s Related Policy 


If a student seeks assistance from University officials (e.g. residence hall staff) or seeks medical attention due to a level of intoxication which reasonably appears to create serious risk to the individual, the University will impose educational, but not disciplinary sanctions against the student for violations of the Alcohol Policy of the Code of Conduct.

Also, students who actively assist in obtaining assistance/medical attention for individuals who are highly intoxicated, will not receive disciplinary sanctions, BUT may receive educational sanctions, for violations of the Alcohol Policy of the Code of Conduct.

To read UW Oshkosh Policy: University Police Medical Safety Policy – Alcohol