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Advocate Contact Information:

Gabby Schwartz


Location: Reeve Union, 102L

Sexual Violence Reporting Forms

Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention

UW Oshkosh is committed to providing the safest campus possible for our students, faculty, and staff. Sexual and interpersonal violence, including dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Health Promotion & Wellness and other departments across the university offer a wide range of year-round services and programs to support survivors and provide education around sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, consent, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention.

What is The Red Zone?

The “red zone” is shorthand for the first six weeks at the beginning of the school year when a disproportionate number of campus sexual assaults take place. The Department of Justice has identified the period between students’ arrival on campus in late August and Thanksgiving break as the stretch of time when a student is more likely to be assaulted than at any other point in their college career.

Why is it called the Red Zone? 

Because it is believed that there are more sexual assaults on U.S. college campuses during this time than any other time during the school year.

*This does NOT mean that sexual assaults do not happen at other times of the year*

To see the 2019 Red Zone Calendar of Events, click here.