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In the Stronger and Safer Together Bystander Intervention Training Workshop, the goal is to give you the tools you need to safely and effectively intervene to make our campus safer, more welcoming, and more inclusive. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to…

  • Identify what bystander intervention is
  • Identify campus situations where you might want a bystander to intervene
  • Know bystander intervention strategies

After learning the basics of bystander intervention in the Stronger and Safer Together Bystander Intervention Workshop, we hope you will attend some of our other trainings that focus on specific topics. In these sessions, we will dive deeper into a topic to learn about the topics and how the bystander intervention strategies can be applied to these situations. Special topics include sexual assault and violence, interpersonal violence, substance abuse, discrimination, hazing, safety, mental health and risk of harm, academic dishonesty, and good citizenship.

We offer Bystander Intervention Training Workshops for Faculty, Staff and Students at UW Oshkosh. If your organization or department is interested in being trained please reach out to us to request a training session.


Virtual Training Opportunities

Bystander Intervention: How to intervene in unsafe, or uncomfortable, situations to improve safety and inclusion. Open to all students, staff and faculty. Click on a link below to join that virtual session.

Sept. 2 at 12 pm

Sept. 16 at 12 pm

Sept. 30 at 12 pm

Oct. 14 at 12 pm

Oct. 28 at 12 pm

Nov. 11 at 12 pm

Nov. 25 at 12 pm

Dec. 9 at 12 pm

Training/Workshop Sessions

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