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Browse our Frequently Asked Questions below to find answers to common questions we are asked. Have a question not listed below? Send an email to or call (800) 633-1430 and we’d be happy to talk!

How long will it take me to complete the MBA Professional program?

Most students complete the degree in 3.5-4 years. However this program is very flexible, allowing you to set your own pace and even take semesters off. The maximum time you may take to earn the degree is 7 years.

Which classes are offered online?

All of our classes are offered in the online format on a regular rotation.  We have planning grids on our website so students can see the rotation of courses at our different locations and in the online format.

How much work experience is required for the MBA Professional option?

A minimum of 2 years of full time professional work experience is required. Exceptional candidates with limited professional work experience but strong part-time or internship experience may be considered.

What if my undergraduate major was not in business?

Admission to the MBA Program is not determined by undergraduate major(s). Only about half of our MBA students have undergraduate business degrees. Our curriculum is designed to support students from all academic backgrounds. Initial required coursework sets a foundation for advanced business topics. Specifically, all students will take the entry course BUS 791 The Strategic Context of the Organization as well as four tools courses to ready them for advanced curriculum courses.

Can I complete my MBA completely online?

Although we do have students who complete our MBA degree by taking all of their classes online, our MBA Program is not 100% online.  We currently have one class with a mandatory onsite meeting when offered in the online format: BUS 799 – Capstone Analysis of the Organization meets for an exam and exit interview about half-way through the semester, date to be determined by the instructor.

How many credits will transfer from another graduate program?

Our policy is to only transfer graduate coursework into our program from other business schools. It’s always up to the institution that the credits are transferring into to decide how many credits will transfer and which classes the transferred classes will come in as. The general rule of thumb is that only 9 credits of graduate coursework will transfer. We may be able to get a special exemption to that number if we work with the Office of Graduate Studies, but even then, it’s a 12 credit max. Students with non-business graduate-level coursework may request a review of their transcript for transfer credits. The review will determine if the subject matter connects to the UW Oshkosh MBA program curriculum and is appropriate for transfer.

How long is my GRE score good for?

If you can get an official GRE score report sent to us, we would accept it, but if you are unable to get the test results, you would need to retake the exam.  The rule of thumb is that GRE will only send out official scores if the test was taken within the past 5 years.

What score must I receive on the GRE/GMAT?

We look for students to score in the 35th percentile or higher in each section of the GRE/GMAT exam for full-standing admission.  Scores lower than that, but at the 20th percentile or higher, may be eligible for probationary admission.

Due to the coronavirus, the UW Oshkosh MBA program has approved a temporary waiver of the GRE/GMAT entrance exam requirement. This exception is effective until further notice. Contact for more information. 

How much does the Professional MBA cost?

Information on tuition & fees can be found at this link:

When is payment due?

For all courses (7-week, 14-week and interim), full payment is due by the semester tuition due date. For more information about the options for paying your tuition, please click on this link:

How many credits should I take per semester?

The MBA class schedule is designed to be flexible for the busy professionals that are our students.  Each student decides how many credits to take each semester.  They can even take a full time credit load one semester and no classes the next semester.  The number of credits you take — or the decision to take a semester off — is always up to you.  You just need to make sure you can finish your degree in the 7 year timeframe allowed if you decide to take time off.

Which classes are held in Appleton?

We offer courses regularly in Appleton. Our Appleton Executive Education Center has been in operation for several years now. Our center is located inside of the Marathon Center at 2323 E Capitol Drive. This location is conveniently located in North Appleton off of Highway 41. It is an executive style education center with multiple classrooms, breakout rooms, conference rooms, and a common area, as well as high-end technology.

Our courses are held in the evening, Monday through Thursday from 6–9:10 pm, one evening a week per class. Note that times may vary for in-person interim courses.

What are the benefits for veterans?

We recommend that you contact a member of the Veterans Resource Team to find out what the policy is regarding benefits for veterans.  You can find their contact information at this link:

Are there internship opportunities?

Internships are rare at the graduate level.  Over 95% of our students work full-time while earning the degree, so there isn’t a need to develop a formal internship program for our students.  We do, however, pass along information about jobs and internships that are available to our students whenever we get it.  Our students are also eligible to work with the Career Services department on campus for internship and/or job prospects.

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