B.S.E. in English Secondary Education, Minor in Creative Writing 

Faculty praise for Madison

Sam Looker-Koenigs: “There are amazing students, and then there are Madison-level amazing students, ones who not only lead the pack in effort, curiosity, and positive attitude but do so while toting a progressively larger and larger belly to class. I’m still not over my amazement at her finishing her entire senior seminar a month early—at full, exceptional quality—so she could turn her attentions to her adorable daughter. Literally unstoppable.” 

Douglas Haynes: “Madison’s infectious good humor is now bound to energize high school English classrooms, where she will no doubt continue to help others improve their writing with the same gentle and earnest dedication she always showed to her classmates at UWO. Good luck teaching, Madison!” 

Diane Crotty: “I am privileged to have been a small part of your UW Oshkosh education. You cheerfully gave 100% to each part of your life–and succeeded in them all!  You, Tyelar, and Adaline make such a sweet family. Congratulations on graduating UWO and becoming a loyal Spartan, ready for fall 2021!” 

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