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Faculty praise for Melody

Sam Looker-Koenigs: Melody brings kindness and grace to everything she does—along with absolute brilliance. When she raises her hand to contribute to class, there’s a 50/50 chance you’re getting either a fresh perspective that never occurred to you or the exact conclusion you were hoping, but not really daring to expect, your students would reach. 

Laura Jean Baker: Be cautious not to mistake Melody’s placid demeanor as shyness. In writing, as in life, she is sharp as a jigsaw and smart as a tuning fork. Her memoir writing reveals she’s endured greater loss than the surface reveals. Simply put, she’s managed her grief with such maturity, intelligence, and ferocity, we’d be hard-pressed to find a more resilient student in our program. 

Stewart Cole: “I have not had the pleasure of having Melody Geffert in class, but given the talent, initiative, problem-solving acumen, and all-around competence I’ve witnessed from her in her role as Senior Editor of the Wisconsin Review, I can only imagine that her scholarly achievements are impressive. The brilliant latest issue of the Review – volume 53, issue 2 – is hot off the press this week, and it only exists because of Melody’s heroic efforts. She has been the magazine’s savior during this pandemic year!”

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