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Getting Started – For Students

This page includes general information for all students when coming to campus. 

Before you arrive on campus

For Residents

Device Compatibility

Before buying all the newest products in home technology that connect via wireless network, check out our Device Compatibility article. A lot of items that may work on home wireless networks, will not work with the campus network. This is for your safety. If we had open networks, anyone could get onto your devices, not just you. 


In order to watch cable on campus, your TV will need to have a digital tuner. Most products will say this on the box, but always ask if you are unsure. Televisions without a digital tuner will not work at all to get cable. 

Some Smart TVs work, others don’t, please consult our Device Compatibility article that has a list of known Smart TVS that have issues connecting to our wired network. 

TV and Ethernet Cables

You will need to bring your own or purchase these once you are here. In most rooms an internet switch, which splits the 1 data jack in the room into 4, will be provided but the cable with the switch should only be used to connect the switch to the wall. Television cables are not provided to connect your TV. 

Routers and Wireless Printers

These devices are not allowed in residence halls. These devices disrupt the ability for others in the hall to access Titan WiFi, the campus wireless network. Each residence hall has a printer located at the front desk that is available for use with your allocated printing funds. Be kind to your neighbors and leave the routers at home. 

As for wireless printers connect them via USB. 

Step 1: Setup your NetID account

Your NetID is your UW Oshkosh digital identity and it provides access to many campus resources.

Before you can use your NetID, you must activate your account. You should have received NetID information via email, you can activate your account here: If you are unsure of your current NetID or need help resetting your password, check out our KnowledgeBase article: NetID – Login Information.

Feel free to also check out our Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

Step 2: Set up Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Self-service password reset will allow you to unlock and change your own netID account password without needing to contact IT.

Step 3: Take a look at TitanWeb

TitanWeb is where you will go to pay tuition, get financial aid, schedule for classes, and view your grades. TitanWeb also keeps information about your contact information, your transcripts, and how far along you are in your major. The Registrar’s Office has many helpful documents for TitanWeb on their website TitanWeb Help for Students.

Step 3: Check on the hardware and software available to you as a student

Take a look at our KnowledgeBase page for recommendations and computer discounts. Along with computers, many software programs are free or discounted for UW Oshkosh students.

Once you arrive on campus

For Residents

Connecting your ethernet switch

Ethernet switches are in rooms that only have one data jack. These are used to split the single connection into multiple connections. To set up, plug the power cable into the switch and the wall. A green power light on the front of the device will light when it is receiving power. Connect the orange ethernet cable from the black wall jack on the wall to any port on the back of the switch. Then, plug any of your ethernet cables from your desired device to the switch. 


For information on how to print in residence halls or any of the general access labs on campus, visit

Cable TV

With your television that has a digital tuner, scan for channels once the TV is plugged in with a coax cable. The instructions for scanning for channels should come with your television or be available on the manufacturer’s website. 

Step 1: Connect to Titan WiFi

Titan WiFi is the name for wireless internet access here at UW Oshkosh.  All students can check out our KnowledgeBase articles on connecting various devices to Titan WiFi

Step 2: Locate computer labs and printers

**Due to COVID-19 we have added the ability to access campus lab computers remotely, information can be found on our Virtual Lab Page.**

UW Oshkosh has computer labs all around campus open to all students. Most spaces feature high performance black and white printers but Polk 101 has a color option.

Take a look at the Campus Computer Labs Locations and Hours page for more information.

Step 3: Where to get help

IT assistance can be at the Clow Technology Center in Clow C010 across from the Clow Computer Lab. Also, feel free contact our Help Desk via phone or email at 920-424-3020  or for all your IT needs.

Feel free to investigate our KnowledgeBase for self-service IT assistance.

Step 4: Get learning support for students with disabilities

IT works with the Accessibility Center in the Dean of Students Office to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities in all areas of study. If you require assistance contact the Dean of Students Office to get started.

Step 5: Review available resources

Now that you have started your experience here at UW Oshkosh, feel free to take a look at this list of Helpful Links for Students or check out all the IT resources available to you.