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Getting Started – For Students

This page includes information for students in general when coming to campus.   Instructions for residence hall residents are also available. 

Before you arrive on campus


Step 1: Setup your NetID account

NetID is used for all of your online work and communication on campus. Before you can use your NetID, you must follow the steps linked below to activate it. It would also be helpful for you to read the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

  • NetID – used for logging into campus computers, library databases, wireless service and
    • Office 365 – campus email, calendar, and file storage.
    • TitanWeb – used to schedule classes, pay for tuition, and view grades
    • Canvas – used to provide all class information from instructors
Step 2: Take a look at TitanWeb

TitanWeb is where you will go to pay tuition, get financial aid, schedule for classes, and view your grades. TitanWeb also keeps information about your contact information, your transcripts, and how far along you are in your major. The Registrar’s Office has many helpful documents for TitanWeb on their website TitanWeb Help for Students.


Step 3: Check on the hardware and software available to you as a student

Take a look at our KnowledgeBase page for recommendations and computer discounts. Along with computers, many software programs are free or discounted for UW Oshkosh students.


Once you arrive on campus

Step 1: Connect to Titan WiFi

Titan WiFi is the name for wireless internet access here at UW Oshkosh. If you live in the dorms, ResNet staff can assist with setting up WiFi on your devices. All students can check out our KnowledgeBase articles on connecting various devices to Titan WiFi

Step 2: Locate computer labs and printers

UW Oshkosh has 4 computer labs open to all students, as well as Polk 101 – Polk Library’s open study area. These labs all have black and white printers available to print to using your Titan Card. There are also several areas with color printers. Take a look at the Campus Computer Labs Locations and Hours for more information.

Step 3: Where to get help

Technology Centers are located in many of the buildings across campus including Clow, Halsey, and Polk. These centers are available for you to stop by to receive assistance. Also, feel free to contact the Help Desk for technology related assistance. Many answers to your questions can be found on the KnowledgeBase as well. If you live in the residence halls, MIO is available for assistance as well.

Step 4: Get learning support for students with disabilities

IT works with Disability Services in the Dean of Students office to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities in all areas of study. If you require assistance due to a disability, contact the Dean of Students Office to get started.

Step 5: Review available resources

Now that you have started your experience here at UW Oshkosh, feel free to take a look at this list of Helpful Links for Students or check out all the IT resources available to you.