Colloquium Series

2021 Spring Semester Colloquiums


Date Presenter Presentation Title
4/16 Ben Saltigerald Examining the Effectiveness of Male Ally Goals and Helping Strategies on Twitter
4/16 Nikki Satterlund Autism Activism on Twitter
4/16 Makenzie Meendering The Impact of Causal Misinformation & Personal Relevance for Negative Narratives
4/23 Vanessa Monfredo-Hillman Attitudes Towards Sex, Sexual Knowledge and Perceived Medical Provider Invalidation in Cisgender Women
4/23 Brittany Burgess Nonconscious Influences on the P3 Event Related Potential
4/23 Haley Jacquez EEG Markers to Detect Cognitive Deficits Following Concussions: N2b Latency and Amplitude
4/23 Allison Smith The Effect of Conceptual Training on Accent Recognition
All colloquiums will take place from 1:00 to 3:00 in via Collaborate Ultra. Titles for the 2021 Spring Semester colloquium schedule will be posted as soon as they are available.

The purpose of the Psychology Colloquium Series is to promote discourse and research at University of Oshkosh Wisconsin on various affective and cognitive approaches to the study of human nature. The series is open to all members of UW Oshkosh and to all interested visitors.

For additional information, contact Dr. Quin Chrobak, department of psychology,, or (920) 424-2307. Check this site regularly for updates on presentations.