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Sustainability Certificates

Want to learn how to make the world a better place- and gain job-ready skills and experience while you do it? Our interdisciplinary sustainability certificates each have a different focus, but all provide students with broad education that culminates in a hands-on, applied experience or internship with area businesses, organizations, or on-campus programs. All certificates are open to students in any major or college. Explore your options below, or get in touch with our staff to discuss possibilities!

Sustainability & Social Change

(12-16 credits) Learn about the causes and possible solutions to sustainability problems, and how to apply different techniques for achieving social change.

Sustainability Communication

(12 -16 credits) Develop and apply techniques and strategies to inform and influence diverse audiences about sustainability issues.

Sustainability & Renewable Energy

(9 – 13 Credits) Learn to understand, apply, and manage a range of renewable energy projects for organizations and businesses.

Sustainability Leadership in Organizations

(15 -19 Credits) Learn how organizations and businesses can have an impact on sustainability, and how to move organizations in a more sustainable direction.

Sustainability Education

(14 -18 Credits) Learn how to engage learners in non-formal and classroom settings by applying pedagogical tools, using the Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability, and developing instructional materials.

What Will I Be Able to Do After Completing a Certificate?


  1. Knowledge of sustainability: Students will be able to define the concept of sustainability and understand sustainability indicators and measures.
  2. Sustainability as a lens: Students will be able to use the concept of sustainability to identify and analyze intersecting social, economic, and environmental problems.
  3. Application of Sustainability: Students will be able to apply sustainability concepts, perspectives and knowledge to real-world issues and practices.

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