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University Marketing and Communications acts as an in-house creative agency for departments, colleges and programs. Our services will help you develop engaging websites, cost-effective print publications and collateral pieces of your department or college.

Brand Review

Discover if your marketing piece will pass the UMC’s brand review

Equipment Checkout

Banners are available to be checked out or returned during regular office hours.


View project processes and request a brochure, postcard, business card or other printed materials.

Mobile App

Have quick access to campus news, events. and safety resources from your mobile phone


Download a headshot, request a photo or video shoot and more.


UMC collaborates with on and off-campus printers and speciality advertising and product vendors.

Public Relations

Share a story idea or request assistance working with members of the media.

Self Service Projects

Create your own product through NowDocs self-service templates

Social Media

Request social media assistance or training from our experienced digital team.


Request assistance, submit a website redesign project and more.