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The central premise of Inclusive Excellence holds that UW System colleges and universities need to intentionally integrate their diversity efforts into the core aspects of their institutions—such as their academic priorities, leadership, quality improvement initiatives, decision-making, day-to-day operations, and organizational cultures—in order to maximize their success. See Frequently Asked Questions and more about Inclusive Excellence from the Division of Student Affairs

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“This event [Dedication of the Historical Marker Commemorating Black Thursday] recognizes and validates the past and promotes ideas for the future … All of us should never forget the sacrifices that others have made for us—our parents, our ancestors—we should never forget those sacrifices because we are who we are today because of the people who came before us.” – Juanita Moore, member of Oshkosh 94, at dedication of Historical Marker to Commemorate the Oshkosh 94 in 2011. Quoted in UW Oshkosh Today, Feb. 25, 2011.

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Dialogues of Diversity Podcasts

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Diversity Dialogues project invited students of color and LGBTQ students to participate in weekly dialogues during Spring 2011. The conversations focused upon campus and classroom challenges and successes experienced at UW Oshkosh, with a goal of using their experiences to identify recommended practices for increasing inclusive excellence. Each student received a STEP-stipend for their participation in this extensive project.

After weeks of discussion, the students – with facilitation from faculty members Jordan Landry, Norlisha Crawford and CETL Director Lori Carrell – created podcasts that can be of use to the USP teaching community and others; some instructors may wish to use portions of these podcasts in the classroom.

Listen to the Dialogues of Diversity Podcasts from iTunesU.


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