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Faculty/Staff Directory

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Anderson, Renee
Executive Assistant
Assistant Chancellor's Office(920) 929-1106
Arellano, Kristina
Associate Lecturer
Music(920) 929-1384
Bangart, Jill
Student Services Coordinator
Student Affairs(920) 929-1122
Bewell, Robert
Associate Lecturer
Biology(920) 929-1170
Carpenter, Keith
Music(262) 521-5396
Conley, Brad
Associate Lecturer
Biological Sciences(920) 929-1157
Cramer, Barb
Administrative and Alumni Support Specialist
Degnitz, John
Associate Lecturer
History(920) 335-5231
Demezas, David
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences(920) 929-1171
DeSmidt, Peter
Philosophy(920) 931-3412
Dobrowolski, Bernard
HVAC Specialist
Maintenance(920) 929-1112
Duehring, Tina
Library Services Assistant Advanced
Library Support Services(920) 929-1305
Elford, Scott
Associate Lecturer
Music(920) 929-1174
Fenrick, Joseph
Associate Lecturer
Geography-Geology(920) 929-1388
Fraley, Gayle
Custodian 2
Maintenance(920) 923-1112
French, Robyn
Admissions Specialist
Registrar's Office(920) 929-1167
Gellings, Maggie
Assoc Student Services Coordinator
Student Affairs(920) 929-1122
Gustin, Richard
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 929-1195
Harkins, Robert
Facility Repair Worker; Custodian
Maintenance(920) 929-1112
Harris, Paisley
Associate Professor
History(920) 929-1165
Hoffmann, Jeremiah
Athletic Director, Head Golf Coach
Holzmann, Fran
Campus Administrative Specialist
Administrative Services(920) 929-1135
Hussein, Khaled
Associate Professor; Associate Dean
Mathematics, Office of the Dean(920) 929-1180
Hutchinson, James
English(920) 929-1192
Johnson, Chris
Assistant Professor
Philosophy(920) 929-1179
Jurmu, Michael
Geography-Geology(920) 929-1163
Kim, Kayoung
Assistant Professor
Psychology-Education(920) 929-1199
Krasin, Laurie
Director of Communications for access Campuses
Assistant Chancellor's Office(920) 929-1108
Kurek, Kevin
Associate Lecturer
CSEPA(920) 929-1190
Lawrence, Suzanne
Director of Continuing Education for Access Campuses
Continuing Education(920) 683-4702
Liang, Yanting
Associate Professor
Mathematics(920) 929-1198
Mansour, Nastaran
Senior Lecturer
Mathematics(920) 929-1197
May, Maggie
Senior Lecturer
Mathematics(920) 929-1394
Miller, Angie
Administrative Assistant
Continuing Education(920) 929-1155
Motl, Melissa
Associate Academic Librarian
Library(920) 929-1148
Mumm-Jansen, Valerie
Associate Professor
World Languages(920) 929-1161
Nessman, Cheryl
Library Support Services(920) 929-1307
Niesen, Yvonne
Senior Academic Librarian
Library Support Services(920) 929-1302
Nims, LuAnn
Library Services Assistant Adv
Library(920) 929-1146
North, Jean
Maintenance(920) 929-1112
Pagel, Heather
Associate Lecturer
Mathematics(920) 929-1191
Payesteh, Sayeed
Peissig, April
Information Specialist
Student Affairs(920) 929-1120
Peterson, Alayne
Associate Professor
English(920) 929-1196
Polodna, Carolyn
Professor Emeritus; Professor
Business-Economics(920) 929-1193
Rabe, Carla
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Access Campuses
Student Affairs(920) 832-2685
Richter, Scott
Business-Economics(920) 929-1389
Rucinski, Ray
Associate Lecturer
Mathematics(920) 929-1188
Rudd, Martin
Assistant Chancellor for Access Campuses
Chancellor's Office(920) 929-1106
Rukamp, Karrie
Senior Lecturer
Chemistry(920) 459-6626
Rusch, Bethany
Campus Administrator/Associate Dean for Administration & Finance for Access Campuses
Administrative Services(920) 929-1137
Sachen, Andrew
CASE Associate
Administrative Services(920) 929-1149
Sager, Paul
English(920) 929-1185
Schneider, Damon
Associate Lecturer
Communications-Theatre Arts, English(920) 929-1396
Schreibersdorf, Lisa
Associate Professor
English(920) 929-1184
Schultz, Andy
Bus Process Automation Spec
Human Resources(608) 890-4513
Schwinn, Tracy
Regional Financial Specialist
Business Office(920) 929-1162
Sehloff, Kerry
Library Services Assistant Advanced
Library Support Services(920) 929-1304
Senn, Barbara
Executive Director
Foundation(920) 929-1337
Strong-Langolf, Kathy
Special Events Coordinator
Facility Rental & Mgmt(920) 929-1138
Stucky, Rhonda
Academic Technology Specialist
Instructional Technology(920) 929-1181
Traxinger, Roger
Senior Lecturer
Chemistry(920) 929-1160
Turchan, Wendi
Art(920) 929-1176
Turdo, Brian
Maintenance(920) 929-1112
Wagner, Jill
Applied Music Lesson Instructor
Music(920) 929-1101
Watson, Lee
Associate Professor
HESA(920) 929-1381
Wilkum, Kristi
Associate Professor
Communications-Theatre Arts(920) 929-1187
Winkler, Michael
Associate Lecturer
Business-Economics(920) 929-1392
Winter, Margie
Biology(920) 929-1387
Wolover, David
Anthropology-Sociology(920) 929-1166
Woodward, Carey
Associate Professor
CSEPA(920) 929-1158

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