Special Programs

At the Fond du Lac campus, we offer a number of special academic programs to support and supplement our curriculum and co-curricular offerings.

First-Year Experience

The First Year Experience Program helps students transition to college by offering classroom opportunities that maximize academic success, building positive relationships among faculty, staff and students; and providing campus-wide resources tailored to first-year students.

The centerpiece of our First-Year Experience Program is LEC 100, our one-credit, first-year courses that focus on the skills students need for academic and career success. LEC 100 not only helps students in their transition to college, but it also counts towards their associate degree.

High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

Concurrent enrollment courses allow you to earn college and high school credit at the same time. You will develop college study skills and graduate from high school ahead of the game while learning in the familiar setting of your high school – from an instructor you already know. All college freshmen and sophomores, regardless of their major, need to take certain general education requirement courses.

Service Learning

Service learning means using what you learn in the classroom to find solutions to real-life problems in your community. Though service learning, you not only learn the practical applications of your studies, you become an engaged citizen and community member. In that way, service learning helps both you and the community.

In and out of the classroom, faculty and staff strive to prepare students to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and community leaders. For example, our LEC 100 course includes a service learning component, where students participate in out-of-class activities to learn the real-world value of the classes they are taking.

Study Abroad

Fond du Lac offers the opportunity to study abroad through programs that are open to all students and community members. The study abroad website lists all upcoming programs, application requirements, costs and other information you will need to participate.

Youth Options

The Youth Options Program presents exciting educational options for eligible Wisconsin high school juniors and seniors. By meeting some general requirements and following specific guidelines, you may be able to take university-level courses at the Fond du Lac campus, earning both high school and college credit. What’s more, you do not have to pay for a course if your school board determines the course is not comparable to a course offered in the school district. All public high schools participate in the Youth Options Program. And so, all juniors and seniors who meet the program requirements are eligible.

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