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Pace and Baker headed to UW-Milwaukee graduate school

Heather Pace (2020) and Timothy Baker (2017) have been accepted to graduate school in physics at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Pace (2020) and Baker (2017) accepted to UW Milwaukee (Spring 2019) Please congratulate Heather Pace (2020) and Timothy Baker (2017)...

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy prepares students as research physicists, lead engineers, professors, high school teachers, and for many other positions. For a list of who’s hiring students with a bachelor’s degree in physics in Wisconsin and across the country, click the gray button below.

Quality Teaching, Individual Attention

We are dedicated to quality teaching in the classroom and in the laboratory. We also pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to our students. Upper-level physics courses typically enroll between 10-15 students. Click here for the current Undergraduate Bulletin for the Department of Physics Astronomy (2019-2021).

Student Research Opportunities

Department of Physics/Astronomy faculty are active in many areas of physics research, including:
  • astronomy/astrophysics
  • experimental particle physics (PANDA collaboration)
  • condensed matter physics/nanotechnology
  • physics teaching and learning
  • history and philosophy of physics

Most physics majors conduct one-on-one physics research with a faculty member.

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Physics & Astronomy

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