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The Department of Radio TV Film (RTF) offers a hands-on experience, providing our students access to the latest equipment and facilities currently utilized in the industry. RTF also offers a strong base in aesthetics, writing, media business, history, and important media theories that will have a profound impact on their project development and post-graduation success. It is this critical base knowledge and class integration that makes our students more than technicians, but media professionals and leaders who understand how to communicate through mass media.


The RTF program, established by Dr. Robert “Doc” Snyder in 1964, and seeks to inspire students into elevating our culture through the creation of thoughtful, responsible communication. The RTF department provides our students with a professional media curriculum featuring critical media analysis and substantial hands on experience. In addition, our program offers a number of extracurricular organizations like WRST, Titan TV, Film Society, and the International Film Series that gives students direct access to advanced productions and the industry. RTF students are finding increased success with national and regional internship opportunities as we seek to build stronger connections with our alumni and industry.

We strongly believe that our students will take their first steps into the professional world while they are still in college. The education and training they receive in our program helps them establish their careers. Many of our graduates are either in graduate school or working in some facet of the industry.

Former students work in radio and television stations around the country, for such well-established television networks as ABC, CBS, TNT, TLC and on major Hollywood films and TV Shows such as Dope, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Mad Max: Fury Road, Daredevil, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Drunk History, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Avengers, Guys Grocery Games – just to name a few.

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