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Radio TV Film students are encouraged to broaden their educational experience through one or more internships. Students may enroll in the following course to receive up to three RTF major elective credits.

RTF 400: Professional Internship I


  • Junior status with at least 60 credits completed by the time the internship begins
  • RTF major
  • At least 12 credits taken at UWO (to prevent transfer students immediate access to the class)
  • A 2.5 GPA or higher (this is an upper level class)
  • RTF 120 – Introduction to Audio/Radio
  • RTF 250 –  Introduction to Visual Media

Frequency of Offering:

  • Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester
  • January Interim
  • May Interim
  • Summer I
  • Summer II

Internship Coordinator:

Randall Davidson
(920) 424-7427

Additional Information:

  • You can take RTF 400 more than once, but for no more than three credits total (ex: taking a one credit internship during an interim and a two credit one during another semester)
  • Students may also enroll in RTF 401 and/or Interdisciplinary Studies 399 for internship credit. However, these credits will not count toward the RTF major; they will count as general credits toward the degree. Students who have completed three credits of RTF 400 may not receive RTF 401/IDS 300 credits for the same internship.
How to get an Internship
  • Find the company you want to intern with. If you are having trouble finding an internship, please contact Randall Davidson the Internship Coordinator at for assistance; he has some resources for broadcast internships in Wisconsin.
  • You cannot sign into an internship through TitanWeb. You can only enroll with an add/drop card which means that you will need to contact Randall Davidson to have the add/drop card signed.  
  • Students must be enrolled into the course BEFORE the internship starts.  RTF will not issue credits retroactively.
What to do during your Internship
  • Interns need to put in 140 hours or more at the internship to get three credits, 98-139 hours for two credits and 49-97 hours for one.  
  • Internships can start or end at any time; they need not line up with the academic calendar (if the internship is still underway when grades are due, the student gets an incomplete until the internship concludes).
  • Interns keep a work log and when they get to the halfway point in hours, they write up a short report on their activities to that point that is submitted to the Internship Coordinator, Randall Davidson.
  • Interns are responsible to alert their supervisor that they need to write a report at the same time that is also submitted to Internship Coordinator, Randall Davidson. (this can be an e-mail).  
  • A final wrap-up report is due from both the intern and their supervisor at the end of the internship. 
  • As soon as all the reports are submitted a grade for the internships is issued.