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Webster Hall | A Weekday Residence Hall

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Webster will be converted into a Weekday Residence Hall.

A weekday residence hall is an ideal and cost-efficient option for students who know they plan to return to their hometown for the weekends. The hall will be open Sunday at Noon through Friday at 8 p.m. (closed on the weekend).

Students who choose to live in Webster will receive a discount on their housing cost of $325/semester or $650/year. 

If this is something that appeals to you or if you’d like more information, email us at or call our office at (920) 424-3212 and our housing team will work with you individually to assign you to a room in Webster Hall. Junior and Senior students do have the flexibility to purchase this space as a single.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Weekday Hall work?

Webster Hall will be closed from Friday night, 8 p.m. through Sunday at Noon every week. Only staff will be allowed in the building. For vacating the building during this time, students received a discount of $325 per semester; roughly a 14% discount.

What happens if a student wants to stay for a weekend?

We have a conference center on campus located a block away from Webster Hall that can rent a room to students for $40/night.

What about if I forget my medication or something important in my room and need to retrieve it on a Saturday?

For exigent circumstances, students can be let in the building to retrieve personal items of significance. They will be escorted to their rooms while they get the items, then escorted out.

Who will escort the students to their room and back?

Webster will have student employees that still have limited duty expectations or the senior staff person on duty will arrive to assist.

Are there any weekends we will be allowed to stay?

Yes, move-in weekend and the weekend before finals are exempt and students can remain.

Do I need to get a meal plan?

Yes, meal plans are required of all residence hall students.

Are there discounted meal plans available for students assigned to Webster?

Students will have the ability to select any meal plan they choose regardless of class standings. There will be no specific “weekday residence” meal plan but incoming freshmen students can select from other less expensive options offered.

What if I decide I want to stay for all the weekends and pay the difference?

Residence life will work on assigning you to a different building that suits your preferences and needs.

What happens if I try to stay and not leave for a weekend?

While we hope this doesn’t occur, any students violating the agreement will be referred to the Dean of Students for a conduct referral.

What about a student who needs an accommodation that cannot be met in Webster Hall?

We would take those on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, we could approve individuals with the same rate to live in a building that could accommodate their needs.  All accommodations would be reviewed by the Accessibility Center.