Criminal Justice

Enhance your understanding of complex law enforcement and corrections systems and maximize your career potential with a Criminal Justice degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Our program is delivered in an accelerated format that merges the flexibility of a 100% online program with the quality and reputation of UW Oshkosh!

We offer three paths toward an online bachelor’s degree:

  • Bachelor of Art 
    At least two years of professional experience related to the field.
  • Bachelor of Science
    At least two years of professional experience related to the field.
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies
    Designed for students with an associate of applied science degree in a related field.

Career and Post-graduate Opportunities

You will be prepared for a variety of future opportunities.

With a criminal justice degree, you’ll be able to:

  • earn a promotion.
  • enroll in a graduate or law school program.
  • pursue a career in the field.


Law Enforcement

Graduates from the UW Oshkosh criminal justice program are now working in:

  • local police or sheriff’s departments.
  • private security.
  • state agencies and federal agencies.

The State of Wisconsin requires certification before one can serve as a law enforcement officer. Our graduates receive this training from various Wisconsin Technical Colleges.

Institutional and Community Corrections

This rapidly growing area of employment includes a vast array of positions:

  • family counseling.
  • forensic mental health.
  • juvenile and adult institutions.
  • juvenile and adult probation and parole.
  • juvenile and adult residential treatment for offenders.
  • programs for mentally ill offenders and substance abuse.
  • therapeutic recreation
  • youth mentoring programs.

Several victim/witness programs in Wisconsin employ our graduates with many of them holding management positions.


Academia and Research

This degree can be your first step toward a professional career in academia and research.

Our teaching and research internships also equip our students with the knowledge and ability to compete for graduate and research assistantships at your school of choice.

Common graduate degrees that our students go on to pursue include:

  • Criminal justice
  • Public administration/affairs
  • Public safety administration 

Law School

The logic, analytical, reading comprehension and writing skill developed in our program will help you excel on the Law School Aptitude Test and in law school.

Recent graduates have been admitted to institutions throughout the region.

Criminal Justice was the fourth-most popular major among all law school applicants in 2017-18, according to the Law School Admission Council.



Our tuition rate – $360 per credit course – makes budgeting for your degree easy!

Courses taken outside of your degree requirements may have additional fees.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify so please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

We also welcome employer reimbursement.


Our Criminal Justice program is offered completely online!

Most courses are delivered in an accelerated, seven-week session, which offers additional flexibility for students working full time whether you work outside or inside the home.

Courses are delivered through Canvas where you will interact with your professors and classmates through online discussion, class lectures and the use of a dropbox for assignments to upload assignments.

There are no required scheduled meeting times, but there are deadlines and due dates for projects, assignments and discussions.

Transfer Credits

Get a free transfer credit evaluation!

Students with an approved applied associate degree typically transfer in around 60 credits.

To assure that your associate degree credits will transfer properly, please contact Online Program Advisor Brandon Pannier at


Become a leader in the field by earning your Bachelor of Applied Studies in Criminal Justice.

Gain a better understanding of the complex systems of law enforcement and corrections, and increase your career potential.

Bachelor of Applied Studies

The BAS program is for students who have an approved associate’s degree in a related field from an accredited institution. 

For full-time students with 60 or more transferable credits, the BAS degree can be completed in as little as two years.

Bachelor of Art

This program is for students who have at least two years of related work experience.

Bachelor of Science

This program is for students who have at least two years of work experience.


Criminal justice degree coursework focuses on writing and critical thinking skills, a theoretical understanding of crime, data analysis, policy formulation & analysis, and legal, ethical, administrative and behavioral aspects.

Students begin the program with general education requirements. Students with prior education experience may be exempt from these requirements.

Browse Criminal Justice Core Courses

Level I (6 credits)(3 credits each)
Introduction to Criminal Justice ProcessCJ 110
Introductory Criminal LawCJ 270
Level II (21 credits)(3 credits each)
Managing of Criminal Justice OrganizationsCJ 212
Adjudication Process in Criminal JusticeCJ 218
Correctional ProcessCJ 244
Elementary Statistics in Criminal Justice ResearchCJ 281
Police in Modern SocietyCJ 288
Quantitative Research DesignCJ 343
Theories of CrimeCJ 351
Level III (Choose 9-15 credits) 
Criminal InvestigationCJ 304
Criminal Courts: Proof of GuiltCJ 310
Criminal Courts BehaviorCJ 328
Illegal Bias in the Criminal Justice SystemCJ 333
Police AdministrationCJ 340
Community-Based CorrectionsCJ 346
Juvenile Justice SystemsCJ 347
Law of CorrectionsCJ 348
Organized CrimeCJ 352
Special Topics in Criminal JusticeCJ 375
Internship in Criminal JusticeCJ 396
Independent Study in Criminal JusticeCJ 446
Level IV (3 credits)  
Major Criminal Justice IssuesCJ 358

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold an approved two-year associate degree from an accredited university or have a minimum of two years of professional experience in a related field.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor of Arts: At least two years of relevant professional experience.
  • Bachelor of Science: At least two years of relevant professional experience.
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies: An applied associate degree in a related field.

A Supportive Community

You will have a strong support network from day one with small classes, dedicated advisors and excellent campus resources that are available to all online students: academic advising, Polk Library and writing center


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