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Prescription Services


The Student Health Center carries a limited supply of prescription medications such as antibiotics, creams and ointments, antidepressants and others at a low price. Payment can be made by credit/debit card, Titan Dollars, or billed to your students account. The Student Health Center does not bill insurance. You may request a statement to submit to your insurance.

If your medication is prescribed by a Health Center provider you have the option to receive a written prescription that can be filled through a pharmacy, and covered by insurance if you have medication coverage.

If your medication is prescribed by a Health Center provider and you are looking for a refill, please send a secure message outlining this request through your Student Health Portal. Request a refill through Student Health Portal here.

Over-the-counter Medication

The Student Health Center also carries a limited supply of over-the-counter medications at a low price such as throat lozenges, anti-diarrheal medication, anti-histamines, and topical ointment/creams. Medications such as Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and diphenhydramine are at no cost to the student.


Oshkosh Pharmacies
Some of these pharmacies may deliver for a fee.

Schultz Pharmacy is downtown; walking distance from campus.

Pharmacy Address Phone Number
Schultz Pharmacy 220 N. Main St. (920) 233-2151
Aurora Pharmacies 135 Jackson St, Suite 100 (920) 303-8140
1940 S. Koeller St. (920) 236-9494
2101 Bowen St. (920) 303-5006
855 Westhaven Dr. (920) 303-8830
CVS Pharmacy 1736 W. 9th Ave. (920) 235-6664
Hometown Pharmacies 321 N. Sawyer St. (920) 426-0763
1828 Jackson St. (920) 231-3300
Pick ‘n Save Pharmacy 1940 S. Koeller St. (920) 236-9494
Target Pharmacy (CVS) 1900 S. Koeller St. (920) 233-4287
Walgreens Drug Pharmacies 950 S. Koeller St. (920) 303-1712
1100 Emmers Lane (920) 237-4753
315 W. Murdock Ave. (920) 231-8664
Walmart Pharmacy 351 S. Washburn St. (920) 231-2219

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