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Travel Health Consultation

All students who plan to travel abroad need to have a travel consultation.

What does a travel consult entail?

  • Review Health History
  • Review Travel Itinerary
  • Discuss recommended vaccinations and preventative prescriptions to ensure that you remain healthy during your entire trip

When should I schedule a travel consult?

Schedule your appointment at least four weeks prior to your planned travel date to allow time for vaccinations to be administered and protective during travel.

How do I schedule a travel consult?

This appointment can be scheduled online via the Student Health Portal.

What is the fee for a travel consult at the Student Health Center?

The fee for a travel consult is $20. This fee can be paid with Cash, Check, Titan Dollars, or bursared to your student account.

For more information:

For health recommendations specific to the country you are traveling to, visit the Travel Health page of the CDC website and click on destinations.