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UW Oshkosh Biology Department

The UW Oshkosh biology department has faculty with expertise in areas of biology from ichthyology to immunology, from parasitology to proteomics, from mycology to medical bacteriology.

News & Announcements

4 December 2020: Environmental health major Jacklyn Morales discusses her experience as a contact tracer and managing COVID-19 testing data.

1 December 2020: Faculty members Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz and Dr. Courtney Kurtz and their students find that ingestion of titanium dioxide, a common food additive, alters the gut microbiome and induces obesity in mice. [Kurtz et al. 2020, J. Appl. Toxicol.]

1 October 2020: The department has launched its newest major, Biomedical Science!  This major is foundational for those interested in biomedical research and it comprises the common requirements for most graduate health profession programs, such as PreMedicine, PreDentistry, PreOptometry, PrePhysician Assistant, or PrePharmacy.  See the major page for details.

17 January 2020: The department has revised its radiologic science curriculum into a new major: Medical Imaging!  Students may specialize in one of two emphases: Radiologic Science or Sonography.  Read more about the major at UWO Today.

11 October 2019: Associate lecturer and sustainability officer Brad Spanbauer negotiates a donation from 4Imprint for reusable recycling bags at UWO.

5 September 2019: Faculty member Dr. Dana Merriman contributes to research describing how hibernating ground squirrels survive months without water. [Feng et al. 2019, Curr. Biol.]

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