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UW Oshkosh Biology Department

The UW Oshkosh biology department has faculty with expertise in areas of biology from ichthyology to immunology, from parasitology to proteomics, from mycology to medical bacteriology.

News & Announcements

13 February 2019: Faculty member Dr. Morgan Churchill contributes to research that suggests an earlier extinction of the giant shark Megalodon, which may have been due to competition with great white sharks. [Boessenecker et al. 2019, PeerJ | coverage on CNN]

1 February 2019: Congratulations to the Michalski lab, which has been awarded a further two NIH grants to provide filarial parasites to the Neglected Tropical Disease research community.

27 August 2018: Faculty member Dr. Sheldon Cooper contributes to research on the effect of habitat fragmentation in black-capped chickadees, which was selected by the journal as an Editor’s Choice research article for August 2018.  [Latimer et al. 2018, Oikos]

18 June 2018: The Michalski lab hosts a mini-conference at UWO focusing on the techniques used in filariasis research.

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