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UW Oshkosh Biology Department

The UW Oshkosh biology department has faculty with expertise in areas of biology from ichthyology to immunology, from parasitology to proteomics, from mycology to medical bacteriology.

News & Announcements

1 September 2022: A team of researchers including Dr. Robert Stelzer and Dr. Shannon Davis-Foust have been awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation to study the conditions that contribute to toxic algal blooms in freshwater ecosystems.

3 August 2022: Dr. Shannon Davis-Foust discusses campus initiatives to enhance the habitat of monarch butterflies.

23 May 2022: Dr. Jessica Lucas reports on the loss of motor proteins in land plants [Lucas & Geisler 2022, Plant Physiol.].

17 May 2022: Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Brandt, who has been selected as one of the 2022–23 Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars.

12 May 2022: Dr. Morgan Churchill contributes to research that identifies periods of rapid evolution in baleen and toothed whales. [Coombs et al. 2022, Curr. Biol.]

15 April 2022: Dr. Shannon Davis-Foust explains the benefits of the region’s recent No Mow May initiatives.

8 April 2022: UWO is partnering with California-based biotech company Fauna Bio to expand university research on the 13-lined ground squirrel.

8 December 2021: A new opossum species has been named after Dr. Greg Adler, who collected the type specimen in central Panama.

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