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Important Information! The Radiologic Science major has been revised for students in Catalog Year 2020 and later. The new major is now referred to as Medical Imaging, and students will complete either a Radiologic Science emphasis or a Sonography emphasis. The curriculum for the Radiologic Science emphasis WILL NOT change from the current curriculum. Please read below for details.

What has changed?

1. There is a now a new Medical Imaging major with two emphases: Radiologic Science or Sonography.

2. The previous major, Radiologic Science, is now an emphasis of Medical Imaging but the curriculum will remain the same.  If you are currently a declared Radiologic Science major, you DO NOT have to do anything.  This name change is effective Fall 2020.

3. The Sonography emphasis will be available beginning in catalog year 2020.  This program prepares students to go into the field of diagnostic medical sonography (ultrasound).

Medical Imaging Major (Catalog Year 2020 and Later)

This major is for students desiring a career performing medical imaging using x-rays and ultrasound. The degree program involves 2-3 years of study at UW Oshkosh, which includes earning the Associate of Arts & Science degree, followed by competitive admission to a 2-year program of study at one of our affiliated clinical programs. A passing score on the ARRT’s national “Registry” exam completes both the RT(R) credential and the BS degree.

Required Core Courses:

  • Biology 105 Biological Concepts-Unity (4 cr.) OR Biology 108 Honors: Concepts in Biology-Unity (5 cr.)
  • Biology 211: Human Anatomy (4 cr.)
  • Biology 212: Human Physiology (4 cr.)
  • Kinesiology 170: Medical Terminology (1 cr.)
  • Math 104: College Algebra (3 cr.)
  • Math 106: Trigonometry (2 cr.)
  • Math 201: Applied Statistics (3 cr.)
  • Chemistry 101, 102, 105, 106 OR Physics 171, 172 (5 cr. each) – course selection depends on your emphasis


Medical Imaging majors must choose one of the following emphases. 

The information below is ONLY for students who declared a major before the 2020-2021 academic year.

Radiologic Science Major (Catalog Year 2019 and Earlier)

Required Units (crs.): A minimum of 60 credits in residence at UW Oshkosh; then 60 credits earned from training conducted at one of our clinical affiliates.

Required Courses for the Major:

  • Biology: Biology 105 or 108; 211, 212
  • Chemistry: Chemistry 101 and 102, or Chemistry 105 and 106, or Physics 107 and 108
  • Kinesiology: Kinesiology 170
  • Math: Math 104 and 106; or Math 108
  • Math: Math 201 or 301, or Economics 210, or Criminal Justice 281, or Geography 385, or Psychology 203 or 341, or Sociology 281
  • Psychology: Psychology 101 or equivalent
  • Clinical Biology: Bio 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 409, and 410

Advisers for the Medical Imaging Major

All students enrolled in the Sonography emphasis are advised by Mallory Janquart.  Students enrolled in the Radiologic Science emphasis are advised by Sonja Jeter (Last Names A-L) and Mallory Janquart (Last Names M-Z).

For More Information

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