Biology Major

Required Core Courses:


  • Biology 105 Biological Concepts-Unity 4 cr. OR Biology 108 Honors: Concepts in Biology-Unity 5 cr.
  • Biology 323 Introduction Molecular and Cell Biology 3 cr.
  • Biology 343 Genetics 4 cr.
  • Biology 491 Senior Survey 0 cr.


  • Chemistry 105 General Chemistry I
  • Chemistry 106 General Chemistry II

Mathematics As specified for College of Letters and Science (COLS) requirements for degree: (Unless specified otherwise, under emphasis.)

  • B.S. – either Math 171, Calculus I, or higher, statistics, computer science or symbolic logic
  • B.A. – no additional math requirement
  • B.S.E. – College Algebra, Math 104


In addition to the Core Courses, all biology majors must choose one of the following emphases and fulfill all requirements of that emphasis: