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Student Academic Report


Student STAR FAQs:

How do I view and/or print my STAR?

To view and print your old STAR On-line follow these steps:

  1. Log onto Titan Web
  2. Click on Learner Services> Academics> View STAR On-line
  3. Click on the Request button
  4. Wait 30 seconds for the report to process
  5. Click on Check Status button
  6. If the report has been processed it will display to your screen
  7. To print click on the printer icon in your internet browser or go to File> Print (or right click_print).
  8. Note that printing works best with IE or Safari. Print preview does not work!

To view and print your new STAR 2.0 follow these steps:

  1. Log onto Titan Web
  2. In your student center click on My Academics> View my advisement report

Detailed instructions 

Can I use a Macintosh to access STAR On-line?

STAR On-line requests are made through Titan Web and the processing will run on a server in the IT department. Therefore, Mac users have the same access as PC users.

What should I do if I have a technical problem or see a problem in my STAR?

If the problem is technical, such as login problem or “STAR Request” does not appear on your menu in Titan Web, contact the ACS HelpDesk at 424-3020 or email or go to Dempsey 207. When emailing the staron-line email please provide you name and student ID in your email.

If the problem is within the audit itself, discuss the issue with your adviser. Once you and your adviser are sure there is a problem, you can report the problem to . This email has been set up for users to report problems with STAR’s. Please provide you name and student ID in the email.

Will I be able to request a STAR for a major other than the one in which I am officially enrolled?

A “what-if” capability will be rolled out as part of a later phase of the STAR 2.0 project.

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