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Accepting Loans

Individual loans may have specific procedures and requirements in order to receive funding. Detailed information for individuals loans can be found in the Types of Aid section of our website.

If loans are listed on a student’s financial aid award in TitanWeb and the student intends to use the loan, then the student must officially accept the loan(s) through TitanWeb. 

Loans cannot be disbursed and applied toward tuition until loan entrance counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) are completed.


Loan Entrance Counseling

All student borrowers must complete loan entrance counseling after they are awarded loan(s) on their financial aid award. This interactive, online counseling session helps students understand the responsibilities that come with student loans, such as borrowing and repayment terms. Upon completion of the entrance counseling, students are required to complete an online or paper version of the Master Promissory Note (MPN). Students may be required to have a Department of Education FSA ID or register for an account with the specific loan counseling service. Students will not have their loans disbursed without completing entrance counseling and an MPN.   

Master Promissory Note (MPN)

Before a student or a parent can receives loans, they are required to complete loan counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN). Student and parents are required to complete one promissory note for each type of loan they accept. MPNs will remain on file with the loan servicer and stay active for your subsequent loans at UW Oshkosh for up to 10 years. 

The entire online MPN (or eMPN) process must be completed in a single session, so be sure you have enough time before you start. If you have all of the necessary information to complete the MPN before you begin, the process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. If you exit the site before submitting your MPN, you must start again from the beginning.

The eMPN must be signed with your FSA ID (replaces your Department of Education PIN).

When you sign an MPN, you are confirming your understanding that UW Oshkosh may make new loans for you without having you sign another promissory note. You are also agreeing to repay your lender, the U.S. Department of Education, all loans made to you under the terms of the MPN. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly read and understand all of the information on the MPN before you sign it or submit online.

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