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Conference Information

The conference will feature multimedia journalism sessions presented by media professionals. Each session is designed to elevate your multimedia journalism, graphic design, photography and marketing/public relations/advertising skills. 

NOTE: We are no longer able to accept credit card payments for competition entries so advisers will need to submit a check via mail.

Program Track Descriptions

1. AMP Up Your Writing Game

Multimedia Journalism

This playlist focuses on topics designed to improve your writing skills including writing strong headlines, covering sporting events, and exploring investigative journalism.


Creating a memorable yearbook that captures your school’s unique story takes creativity, talent and a diverse set of skills. This playlist helps you accomplish this goal by sharing insights into the yearbook creation process, offering adviser advice on how to support and inspire your yearbook team and exploring yearbook tools and best practices.

2. Get More Eyes on Your Graphic Design and Photography

Let your creativity flow and come explore the world of photography & graphic design. This playlist is for those who want to learn about photoshop, visual design, photography and more!

3. Promote Your Publications

Want to build a communication plan to help drive school newspaper readership and yearbook purchases? Come join us as we learn how to grow your brand, build demand for your content and increase your online audience. This playlist offers sessions designed to help you use social media, audience engagement and content creation strategies to take your publications to the next level.

4. Explore Creative Careers and Adviser Sessions

Explore Creative Careers

The creative world is infinite – anything is possible when you have a goal in mind. Join us as we hear about the lives of those who chose non-traditional careers in the creative field, as well as the opportunities that can unfold within it. From becoming a music writer to creating award-winning podcasts in college, we have gathered some amazing stories and tips to help you stay motivated.

Adviser Sessions

Being an adviser is a unique role that blends finding great talent and motivating students to produce amazing newspaper stories and yearbooks in a very unconventional year. Join these sessions to explore different resources, collaborate with other advisers and find out information on how to become a UW Oshkosh adjunct instructor at your high school.

5. Enter the Newspaper Competition

Enter your student’s work into the NEWSPA newspaper competition. Each submission will be judged by media professionals and advisers will receive scores and detailed feedback to improve their school’s publications. Schools must be a NEWSPA member to participate in the competition.

Submissions can be entered into five categories within the competition:

  1. Writing
  2. Design
  3. Photography
  4. Student-developed Website
  5. Publication* (print and online)