ICMA Student Chapter


  • The UWO Department of Public Administration has formed an International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Student Chapter. 
  • The purpose of the ICMA Student Chapter is to introduce and integrate students into local government and the management profession and familiarize students with ICMA members, resources, and policies. The chapter ensures that all student members abide by the ICMA Code of Ethics.

How Does ICMA Membership Help You?

  • The chapter welcomes all graduate and undergraduate public administration students who are interested in public service, and other UWO students who may not be aware of career possibilities in local government.
  • Students will get tips on how to pursue employment in local government;  learn about highlights of local government leadership; explore research/presentation opportunities; attend the ICMA Annual Conferences.

ICMA Student Chapter Leadership (2017-2018)

  • Chapter President: Ben Krumenauer (MPA Graduate)
  • Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michael Ford (Assistant Professor)
  • ICMA Member Manager: Mark Rohloff (City Manager in Oshkosh)

The Cost of ICMA Student Chapter Membership

  • Student membership in the Chapter is FREE and UNLIMITED.
  • The Public Administration Department pays an annual fee of $400.00 for all student memberships.  

Individual Student Membership Benefits

Recent Memberships

  • Twenty-five MPA students have signed up to be members of ICMA through the student chapter in 2016-2017. Twenty students are continuing from the last year.

For More Information and Application

Dr. Michael Ford

Office: F422
Phone: (920) 424-1580
Fax: (920) 424-2319