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SRWC & Rec Plex Fall Hours:
Monday-Friday: 6am – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-10pm
November 20th: 6am-8pm
November 21: 6am-8pm
November 22-24: Closed

Albee Pool Fall Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Monday-Thursday: 6:15pm – 9pm

Personal Training

People of all fitness levels can benefit from working with our certified personal trainers. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced athlete, we can help you achieve your goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Increase your flexibility or muscle mass? Training for a marathon? Whatever it may be, our certified personal trainers are here to help by developing an exercise regimen specific for your needs, based on your fitness level, goals, and lifestyle.

Our trainers offer various services including Equipment Orientations, Fitness Assessments, Functional Movement Screens, 1:1 sessions,  Small Group Training, Women Lifting Up, or Velocity Boot Camp.

To get signed up for any of the services below, click the “Schedule a Personal Training Session” button to the left. Fill out the Google Form accordingly, and you will be contacted by a member of our training team with 2-3 business days.

If  you have any questions about the Personal Training program, or are interested in becoming a personal trainer, please contact Jordan Mooney, SRWC Fitness Services Coordinator, at

Equipment Orientation (Free)

Your SRWC membership includes a free Equipment Orientation. This provides an opportunity for student members to learn how to safely and effectively use our cardio and/or strength equipment.  Learn proper technique for various types of movements, as well as receive other information to optimize success in your fitness programming. Schedule your orientation today!

General Fitness Assessment ($10)

Curious about your current level of fitness? This one-hour assessment includes an evaluation of your body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, balance, flexibility and overall health. After a brief discussion with a trainer on your goals and interests, they will design a custom fitness assessment that appropriately and accurately assesses various components of your personal fitness. From there, the trainer will break down the results with you and lay out clear next steps that lead to improvement in desired areas.

Functional Movement Screen ($10)

Functional Movement Screening focuses on identifying muscular dysfunction. It’s important to identify muscle dysfunction before starting a strength training or cardiovascular program to prevent injuries. FMS is widely used among physical therapists, strength coaches, and personal trainers to help participants recognize imbalances and potential injuries.

6 Week Program Design ($40)

Combine your current fitness level with personal health and fitness goals to design an individualized exercise program. The 6 week program design is the perfect option for someone who may not have the time or desire to work 1:1 with a trainer each workout, but would still benefit from some guidance.

This two-session package includes the following:

  • Session 1: A body composition assessment and fitness assessment that will determine baseline levels of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Following this fitness assessment, consult with a personal trainer who will create an individualized training program.
  • A 6 week program design that is put together by your trainer in a easy to follow format. This program will include everything you need to know to continue your customized exercise regimen on your own.
  • Session 2: An hour-long session in which a personal trainer will lead all components of an individualized training program. During this session, you will learn how to perform all exercises in your 6 week program using proper form.
1:1 Training Sessions

1:1 Training Sessions are the most hands-on training program offered and recommended for those that are new to regularly scheduled exercise. A staff of nationally certified trainers paired with some of the most affordable prices around makes this a great service for anyone trying to build upon a healthy lifestyle. All training packages purchased include a complimentary fitness assessment and functional movement screen.

Student Rates                                                                      Faculty and Staff Members of SRWC Rates 

3 sessions $30 ($10 per session)                                                         3 sessions $60 ($20 per session)

5 sessions $50 ($10 per session)                                                         5 sessions $100 ($20 per session)

10 sessions $90 ($9 per session)                                                         10 sessions $180 ($18 per session)

Small Group Training

Nervous about 1-on-1 personal training? Bring your friends! In this program we offer all the same features as we do for personal training, the difference being that you and up to 3 friends are training at the same time with one trainer. This is a great option to get the benefits of working with a trainer, while with a group of friends and saving money on each session!


Sessions Group Total Cost per session  w/ 2 people Cost per session w/ 3 people Cost per session w/ 4 people
3 $48.00 $8.00 $5.33 $4.00
5 $80.00 $8.00 $5.33 $4.00
10 $140.00 $7.00 $4.67 $3.50
Women Lifting Up (Free)

2018 Fall Semester Women Lifting Up will run on Monday’s from 12-1:30pm starting on Oct 1 through Nov. 19th.

Women Lifting Up is a fitness camp where participants can learn the fundamentals of strength training in a comfortable and inclusive environment. Through the development of proper form and movements, women will build confidence to incorporate various exercises into their own strength training plans. 


Led by a certified personal trainer, participants will meet once a week to learn and train together. This program emphasizes exercise as a source of self-care and will debunk many of the common myths associated with women and strength training, all while taking on challenging workouts. No previous experience with strength training is necessary. Class size is limited, so get your spot reserved today!
Velocity Boot Camp ($20)

2018 Fall Semester Velocity Boot Camp will run on Tue/Thur from 6:15-7:15pm, starting on Sep. 25th through Nov 1st.

Velocity Boot Camp is designed to take your fitness to the next level. Participants will push themselves both physically and mentally to achieve their individual fitness goals. Working with a Certified Personal Trainer, participants will engage in a combination of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), interval training and circuit training to maximize success while keeping the workouts unique every day. The trainer will provide pre and post fitness assessments that include: weight, girth measurements, body fat percentage, and muscular and cardiovascular fitness testing.