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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some the questions we get most frequently below. Please note that many situations are circumstantial, so if you are not able to find the answer to your question, please call us at (920) 424-3164 or email and we would be happy to assist you.


**Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, UW Oshkosh is not requiring ACT/SAT scores for students applying through Fall 2021**

Do I have to take the ACT (or SAT)?

Yes, you are required to take and submit your official ACT or SAT scores for admission.

Exceptions for this include students who:

  • Are 21 years of age or older by the start of the first day of the term for which you are applying.
  • Are transferring to UW Oshkosh

How do I send my ACT score?

You can send your ACT score through the ACT website. We do require an official copy of your ACT score for admission. You may also elect to have UW Oshkosh as one of the schools to receive your scores when you take the ACT. Our ACT code is 4674. The SAT code is 1916.

Does UW Oshkosh require the writing portion of the ACT/SAT?

No, we do not require the writing portion. However, some schools may require it, so we recommend completing it just in case.

What is your average ACT score?

The average ACT of our admitted students is between a 21-24. We do review applications based on a comprehensive review process, so some students may be admitted with lower scores, based on the quality of the rest of their application.

Can I send multiple ACT scores?

Yes. And we will always use your highest overall score. We do not superscore. (Superscoring refers to taking the highest score from each subcategory from different testing dates and combining them together.) It does not hurt your application to submit multiple scores.

Application to UW Oshkosh

What do I need to submit for my application?

Please refer to the How to Apply page, as the required materials for each type of student will vary.

What is your application deadline?

UW Oshkosh does not have an application deadline; however, certain things— like scholarships— do have deadlines. Additionally, some other elements of your admission (placement testing, housing, class registration) are time sensitive. Therefore, we recommend applying to the University as soon as possible.

How do I waive the application fee?

We have an application fee waiver request. Please call us at (920) 424-3164 or email us at to receive a copy of this form. Some form of verification of financial need is typically needed with the request.

Students transferring directly from a UW System 2-year school, or re-entry students who previously took courses as a degree-seeking student at UW Oshkosh, do not need to pay the application fee.

Can I use the application fee waiver request from my high school?

Yes. It will be processed and reviewed in the same way as our request form.

How do I pay the application fee?

Students typically pay the application fee directly on the online application. Students who choose to pay by check may make checks payable to the University of Wisconsin. (For more info, visit the UW System website.)

If I cancel my application or don’t get into my program, can I get my application fee back?

No, the application fee is nonrefundable.

How can I make changes to my application?

If you need to make updates to your application, please email us at You will not be able to make changes to a submitted application on your own. You can make edits on the application prior to submission.

I’m having trouble with the application! What do I do?

If you are having trouble with the UW System application itself, please contact the UW System Help Desk at 1-800-442-6459 or via email at

Admitted Students and $100 Deposit Information

What is the $100 tuition deposit?

The $100 tuition deposit is a credit toward your tuition and is also used to:

  • Select and reserve your Titan Takeoff date
  • Get access to the housing system
  • Reserve your place in the incoming class

It is fully refundable with written request through May 1 for fall applications, and December 1 for spring applications.

How do I pay the $100 deposit?

You can pay the deposit online. A link was sent to the email address you provided on your application to UW Oshkosh. If you lost or did not receive this email after you were admitted, please contact us at (920) 424-3164 to have it resent.

Please note that re-entry students pay their deposit to the Registrar’s Office and do not use the online system.

Special students are not degree-seeking and do not have to pay the $100 deposit.

Can I get the $100 deposit deferred?

If you were exempt from paying the $50 application fee, you will receive a code to defer your $100 deposit. If you did not get your application fee waived as an incoming freshman, you will need to complete a request form to defer your deposit. Please email us at for a copy of this request form.

How long does it take for the deposit to show up on my account?

We process deposits the next business day. It then takes one additional day to fully activate your account.

How do I get my deposit refunded?

You can email us at with a written request to receive your deposit. Please make sure to include your full name, student ID number (if you have it) and confirmation of the term for which you are canceling (and requesting your deposit back for). You can request your deposit back through May 1 (Fall term) or December 1 (Spring term).

Can I change my Titan Takeoff day after I pay the $100 deposit?

If you need to change your Titan Takeoff date, please contact for assistance.


AP, IB or CLEP Scores

Where can I find how my AP/IB/CLEP course will transfer in as?

Please refer to yours respective chat below to view more information about scores you need to qualify for credits at UW Oshkosh.

What is the school code for sending my AP scores?

The UW Oshkosh school code is 1916.

Application Term Changes / Re-Entry Students

Can I change my application term?

Students may update their application for admission up to two semesters after the original term they applied for. For example, a student applying for Fall 2019 may update their application to Spring 2020 or Summer 2020, but not Fall 2020.

In order to make a term change, please call us at (920) 424-3164 and we can complete the request over the phone.

You do not need to be admitted in order for us to update your application term.

If I’m planning to take a semester off, do I need to apply again?

Yes, students who take a semester off without taking any courses will need to reapply to the University as a reentry student. If the student took courses as a degree-seeking student in previous semesters and received grades in those courses, they do not need to pay the application fee again. Steps for re-entry students can be found here. 


Campus Visit or Preview Day

What kind of visit options are available at UW Oshkosh?

Students can visit campus Monday-Friday for an individual appointment and campus tour. Tours are offered at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily and include an optional 30-minute counselor appointment either before or after either tour time. The campus tour is approximately 90 minutes long.

Select Saturday visit opportunities are also available September-May. These visits include a 30-minute counselor appointment at 10 a.m., followed by a 90-minute campus tour.

Individual visits, as well as Saturday tours, can be scheduled here.

We also offer a large number of Preview Day opportunities. These are typically full-day events that give an in-depth look at UW Oshkosh. Several are major specific. Click here for a full list of our available Preview Days.

What is included on the campus tour?

Our campus tour is approximately 90-minutes and covers two academic buildings, a residence hall, dining facility, recreation center, student union and other student support buildings. It is led by a current UW Oshkosh student. We offer these tours rain or shine!

What visit opportunity is right for me?

Many students will choose to attend both a preview day and individual campus visit! It’s completely up to you. Preview days tend to give more information on a variety of subjects, which is very valuable. Individual appointments give you more opportunity to speak 1:1 with an admissions counselor to address and personal concerns you may have. We think you’ll fall in love with campus no matter what one you decide!

Something changed in my schedule. How do I reschedule or cancel my visit?

If you need to change your visit, please call (920) 424-3164 or email We would be happy to reschedule your appointment for you!

Is parking free on campus?

Parking is free for our campus visitors with a valid parking permit. Parking permits for weekday visits are sent electronically. If you schedule a short-notice visit, parking passes are available for our guests at the Parking Services Office, which is located in the basement of Blackhawk Commons (next to our visitor parking lot).


International Students

I’m an international student interested in attending UW Oshkosh. Where do I start?

Our Office of International Education is a great starting point for students interested in attending UW Oshkosh. You can view information on their website by visiting


Nonresident Students

How do I qualify for Minnesota Reciprocity?

If you are a resident of Minnesota, you may be eligible for Minnesota Reciprocity. Please note that this reciprocity is not automatic and you need to apply by visiting this website.

Paper applications requesting Minnesota Reciprocity are available here.

How do I qualify for the Midwest Student Exchange Program?

If you live in a Midwest Student Exchange Program state (Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Ohio), you automatically qualify for the MSEP tuition rate and do not need to do any additional application. Your tuition rate will be reflected on your student account.

Who can I contact with questions about my residency?

For residency questions, please contact our Registrar’s Office at (920) 424-3454.

Who can I contact with nonresident student questions?

Adam Rich (920-424-4650; and Addie Powles (920-424-4644; are our two nonresident student counselors. They will be able to assist with any questions related to your transition to UW Oshkosh.

Special Students, Auditing, 60+ Audit Programs

I currently attend another institution, but want to take an interim at UW Oshkosh. How do I do that?

If you would just like to take advantage of the interim option available at UW Oshkosh, you would follow these steps:

  1. Complete the special student application:
    Select the fall term if you are applying for a January interim. Spring term would be for May interim.
  2. Once you are admitted as a special student, you will be able to log in to TitanWeb (instructions sent via paper mail) and enroll in the class once your enrollment date becomes available. This date is listed in your TitanWeb account. Although you are not required to submit official transcripts as a special student, please note that if the class you are hoping to enroll in has prerequisite courses, you may need to provide some form of verification that you meet those prerequisites in order to enroll. Please note that you will not be able to enroll in a course with prerequisites on your own and will need to get an Add/Drop card from the Registrar’s Office and consent of the department/instructor.
  3. Financial Aid does not apply for special students. You will pay the full cost per credit as a special student.

Can I get financial aid as a special student?

No. Special students typically pay the cost-per-credit and do not qualify for financial aid. If you would like to verify or have extenuating circumstances, please contact Financial Aid at (920) 424-3377.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take as a special student?

No, you may enroll in as many as you would like. If you are taking them for credit, you will be assigned a grade, which will show up on an official transcript. You will also pay the full cost per credit.

When do special students enroll in classes?

Special students are able to sign up for classes after degree-seeking students have had a chance to do so, which is usually about 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the term; regardless of when they apply and are admitted.

How do I audit a class?

Students not participating in the 60+ audit program may still be able to audit a class. Students wishing to do this must apply to the University as a special student and get permission from the department/instructor to enroll in the course. Not all departments/classes allow auditing students, so make sure to contact the instructor ahead of time. You will not be able to sign up for an audited class on your own.

Cost per credit is lower for students who audit a course; however, no official grade is given.

What is the 60+ audit option?

UW Oshkosh offers an opportunity for students over the age of 60 to audit courses at no cost. Please view this website for information on how to enroll at UW Oshkosh and take advantage of this great opportunity.


How do I send my high school transcripts?

Your high school will be able to assist you in sending your transcripts. For review, we can accept an unofficial copy of your high school transcript. However, once all courses are complete (i.e. you graduate high school), we do require an official copy of your transcripts be sent to us from your high school.

Did you get my transcripts?

You will be able to view the status of your application at any time using our Application Status Checker. Your transcript will be marked as received within 1 business day of receipt. (Note that transcripts sent during peak times may take slightly longer to process and link to your account.)

Please note that transfer students are required to send transcripts from every post-secondary institution attended before their application will be considered complete.

Additionally, transfer students with fewer than 30 transferable college credits, or whose only post-secondary institution of attendance was a technical school, are required to send high school transcripts as well.

If you are not sure if your transcripts have been received, or believe they should have been received already, please contact us at (920) 424-3164 or via email at and we can check for you.

My transcripts include grades from other schools. Do you still need all my transcripts?

Yes, we need official copies of transcripts from each school individually.

I went to two different high schools. Do you need both?


I’m taking college courses while I’m still enrolled in high school. Do you need my college transcripts to make an admissions decision?

No. But we will need it when your final grade is posted in order to give you credit for the course. Students taking CAPP courses from UW Oshkosh do not need to send transcripts.

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