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Transfer Admission Guidelines

UW Oshkosh is ready to help you find your path, grow your world, learn to lead and succeed. Our caring faculty and staff are dedicated to providing top-quality academic programs. With more than 250 majors, minors and emphases, there are options for everyone.

Transferring Credits to UW Oshkosh

For courses to count as UW Oshkosh requirements, they must be similar in nature, level and content to a course in our undergraduate curriculum and applicable to one of our academic programs.

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You can see how your credits will transfer to UW Oshkosh by using Transferology, a nationwide network that helps students explore their college transfer options. UW Oshkosh uploads all of our transfer equivalencies to help you determine how your credits will transfer. Simply click on the icon above to create a free account. Enter the coursework you’ve completed, then use the search to see how it transfers. If you have any quesitons, you can always contact us at for help, or call (920) 424-3164.


You can transfer credits from college-level coursework completed at colleges and universities that are accredited by a regional accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Institutions from outside of the United States must be recognized by the Ministry of Education in that country. Continuing education courses, graduate-level courses, and courses that are remedial, technical, vocational or doctrinal in nature are not transferable. Courses from non-accredited institutions may be reviewed by the appropriate university departments to determine transferability; contact the Admissions Office for more information. Students can also find current UW Oshkosh articulation agreements.


Transfer Admissions Decisions

Applicants for admission are provided a comprehensive review. Determinants for admission include a number of academic and nonacademic factors.

Academic Factors

  • Rigor of completed college courses
  • Number of college transfer credits earned
  • Individual course grades
  • Collegiate cumulative GPA (minimum 2.0; 2.5 preferred)
  • High school academic record (if fewer than 30 transferable college credits have been earned at the time of application)

Nonacademic Factors

  • Extracurricular involvement: leadership experience, volunteerism and community service
  • Diversity of personal background, work experience and life circumstances
  • Student’s personal statement and responses to questions on the application
  • Letters of recommendation are optional, but may be helpful for students who may need further support.

Nonacademic factors are given strong consideration for nontraditional students. 


General Education Information for Transfer Students

Every student at every liberal arts institution participates in general education curriculum. At UW Oshkosh, we refer to our general education program as the “University Studies Program” or “USP.”

We know that as a transfer student, your experiences are a bit different. You’re coming in with credits, or maybe even a full degree, so here’s a quick breakdown of the USP requirements you need to complete based on the number of credits you’re bringing with you.

Please note that transfer students are still required to meet all major, minor (if any) and degree requirements. The chart below refers to USP expectations only. 

0-14 credits You’re still considered a first-year student and will be able to participate in all USP Quest and Connect courses. Any courses you’ve taken previously will continue to transfer to UW Oshkosh, but the names of courses or course categories may differ slightly.
15-59 credits To help you get situated on campus, you are required to enroll in “USP 200,” which is our Transition Year Experience. This is a 0-credit courses that meets one hour for the first two weeks of your first semester at UW Oshkosh. This will help you learn what UWO has to offer, show you what resources are available and introduce you to new people. You are not required to complete any Quest courses or signature questions.
60+ credits & completed associate degree

Because you have more than 60 credits, you are not required to take the Quest sequence of courses or the Transition Year Experience. Admissions will determine what courses transfer and identify any courses you may need to complete.

If you’ve already completed an approved associate degree, your USP requirements are automatically fulfilled.

UW Oshkosh and the USP honor all current and emerging UW System agreements related to inter-institutional transfer. Courses that have transferred to UWO previously will continue to transfer, though names of courses or course categories may differ.

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