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Learn more about UW Oshkosh through our student-run blog

Application FAQ: Your Guide to Applying to UWO

Application FAQ: Your Guide to Applying to UWO

Congratulations! You’re about to take a very important step on the road to attending college: submitting your application for admission.

We get some common questions from students, since there is a lot to know about applying to college. This post includes some of the things we think might be most helpful for you to know about the process.

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8 Reasons To Love UW Oshkosh

8 Reasons To Love UW Oshkosh

As a tour guide, I’m often asked: What are some of my favorite things about UWO? Great question! College life is amazing, and sometimes it’s the little things that matter as much as the big things. I’ve been loving my time at UWO, and here are some of my top reasons why.

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11 Tips and Tricks For Placement Testing

11 Tips and Tricks For Placement Testing

In order to get ready to attend UW Oshkosh, you’ll be required to take placement tests in English and math, and have the option to take a placement test in Spanish, German or French. These tests will put you in appropriate college-level courses based on your current knowledge proficiency.

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