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The “Worker Bees” of the Admissions Office (Part 3)

Our team of ten Summer Ambassadors has completed their work this summer. They were a great addition to the office these past few months and we will definitely miss their hard work, energy, and enthusiasm. However, before we begin another academic year, we still have a...

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The “Worker Bees” of the Admissions Office (Part 2)

With just under a week left of summer, we still have a large chunk of our Summer Ambassador team who deserve to be recognized for everything that they did over the past couple of months. Continuing on with our Summer Ambassador Highlights, we have Jared Benson! Jared...

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The “Worker Bees” of the Admissions Office

Every year the UW Oshkosh Admissions Office hires a team of exceptional students to serve as Summer Ambassadors. These Summer Ambassadors not only give campus tours throughout the summer months, but they assist our office in working the front desk, interacting with...

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Why I Became A Campus Tour Guide

During my years in high school, I spent a lot of time on college tours. As a result, it didn’t take long for me to realize how crucial the tour was in determining which universities made the top of my list. While some tours did not give a good impression of the...

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4 Ways to Find a Roommate at UW Oshkosh

One of the most exciting steps in preparing for your first year of college is finding your first roommate. Wondering how to find the perfect one? At UW Oshkosh there are four primary ways to find a roommate. To learn more about these options, read on!   1. The...

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24 Ideas For Winter Fun In Oshkosh

The days are shorter and the air (freakishly) colder. We all go from, “yes, snow!” to, “why the heck do I live in the north?” We’ve learned that, to fight the seasonal blues, one must be sure to do more than settle for Netflix (I’m a Hulu person) marathons every spare...

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Advice From A Graduate

by Jon Miller ('17)   Commencement is surreal. The moment you cross the stage you experience a rush of joy and pride, topped with a glorious sense of closure. Your diligence and hard work has paid off. I crossed that stage a year ago, and my life looks a lot...

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How To Invest Your Winter Break

As the air gets cooler and the holiday lights shine brighter, many students are dreaming not only of the holidays, but the coming break. While it is tempting to sleep in until noon and binge your favorite show, there are a lot of other valuable things students can do...

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