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Special Group Visits

Thank you for seeking information on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Admissions Special Group Visits. This coming Spring 2021 semester, and through Summer 2021, our office will not be offering Special Group Visits like we have in the past, but have no fear! We are still here to accommodate your request as best as we can.

If you would like to inquire about a virtual special group visit for your school, we encourage you to get in contact with your UW Oshkosh territory counselor. The simple steps below will show you how to do so. Once in contact, you can work with your designated counselor to create a virtual special group visit for your school group.


Finding Your Territory Counselor

  1. Head over to our ‘Contact Us’ page (or you an click the big button below!)
  2. On the top right hand side of the page, you will see a grey box that says ‘Find Your Counselor’. This is where you will input some quick information to find your Territory Counselor.
  3. First, select if your school is in Wisconsin. If not, please select no and it will prompt you to select which state your school is in.
  4. Next, select the county of Wisconsin (or Illinois) in which your school falls. Please be sure to select the county where your school falls, not where you live.
  5. The box should then show you the counselor that covers the county in which your school is located. Provided will be their phone number and email address for you to start a conversation with them! Due to the pandemic, many of our staff are still working mostly from home, so we suggest an email to start.


What Should I Include in the Email

  • Start by introducing yourself and the school that you are representing.
  • Share with the counselor how you would like to conduct the special group visit (Google Meet, Zoom, etc.). If you are not sure, let us know! We have some great tools that we can suggest.
  • Give us an idea what you are looking for. We can share general information about UW Oshkosh, Financial Aid, Cost of Attendance, etc. Similar to means of the group visit, we have some great presentations that we can suggest as well!
  • Propose some dates. Give us your first option, but also give us a couple alternative dates. We cannot always guarantee the first option, but we will try our best!

From there, you will work with your territory counselor to set up an amazing Virtual Special Group Visit Experience of UW Oshkosh! This is how special group visits will be conducted through Summer 2021, we are still figuring out plans for Fall 2021 and will share them here when they become available. Thank you so much for working with us and allowing us to connect with your students!

If you are having troubles, or would like assistance finding your territory counselor, we are here to help! You can call the Admissions Office Front Desk at (920) 424-3164 or send us an email at

UW Oshkosh Admissions
800 Algoma Boulevard
135 Dempsey Hall
Oshkosh, WI 54901


Hours of Operation:
M-F 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


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