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All Employee Training
Information Technology– The Division of Information Technology offers technology training, best practices, and how-to’s on the use of technology, commonly used programs, and common technology questions.

Office of Equal Opportunity, Equity & Affirmative Action – The Office of Equal Opportunity, Equity & Affirmative Action offers training and leadership development opportunities for both UW Oshkosh employees and applicable student-workers. Providing both compliance and inclusive trainings, topics include: Affirmative Action and EEO policies, discrimination, harassment, cultural competency/diversity, gender issues and best practices in staff recruitment/hiring. 
    • Compliance Training – The Office of Equal Opportunity, Equity & Affirmative Action offers many different kinds of compliance training. Offerings include Sexual Harassment Training, ADA for Supervisors, Title IX, Executive Order 54 and Tenure Observer/Affirmative Action Representative training.

      Diversity & Inclusion Training – The Office of Equal Opportunity & Access hosts Diversity & Inclusion training throughout the year. Topics include Developing Cultural Competency, Micro-Aggressions, Unconscious Bias, Anti-Discrimination and Workplace Harassment/Bullying.

      A.T.L.A.S. – The Awareness Training for Leadership Advancement Series (A.T.L.A.S.) is a certificate program offered in accordance with the University’s strategic plan to build an inclusive and supportive institutional environment. this training program serves as a means for UW Oshkosh employees to gain more insight into their compliance responsibilities pertaining to reporting, harassment and discrimination, while addressing social issues of cultural competency— self-reflection into personal biases that may be impacting their workplaces and classrooms.

    LGBTQ Resource Center – The Mission of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh LGBTQ Resource Center is to create a safe, inclusive, and affirming campus climate that fosters academic success and personal growth for students, faculty, and staff of all genders and sexualities through education, advocacy, and support.

    • SAFE Training – Help make the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh a safer and more welcoming place for the LGBTQ+ community by participating in S.A.F.E. Training (Students, Staff and Faculty for Equality). Participants take part in a three hour interactive workshop designed to introduce you to LGBTQ+ terms, culture, some of the challenges that many LGBTQ+ people encounter in their lives, and how to be an effective ally both in and out of the classroom.

    Bystander Intervention – In the Stronger and Safer Together Bystander Intervention Training Workshop, the goal is to give you the tools you need to safely and effectively intervene to make our campus safer, more welcoming, and more inclusive.
    Supervisor Training

    Supervisors in Action: Managing the UWO Workforce

    Supervisors in Action is geared towards building the foundation for our supervisors and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to be effective in their roles. The comprehensive agenda covers the essential building blocks to supervisory excellence—including Employment Law, Risk Management, Employment Relations and Managing Performance. 
    Who should attend? This training is open to anyone that directly supervises employees of the University. Experience level does not matter because this training will be relevant for:
      • Anyone newly hired or recently promoted to a supervisor position on campus without any past experience managing people
      • Those with experience supervising on campus but may want a refresher on the unique role and expectations of supervisors
      • Those with experience supervising from past jobs but need to understand how to apply their experience to working at UWO
    The next session will be offered July 2019. The training will be 4 half-day sessions and participants should be able to attend all sessions on all days of the training. Please view the specific dates and times here and complete the registration form to reserve your spot.

     Third Thursday Workshops
    Whether it be coach, change agent or compliance officer, we know that supervising people requires a diverse skill set. Third Thursday Workshops are a monthly offering that will cover a diverse range of topics that are relevant to anyone in a supervisory role. They will be presented in a variety of formats, such as watching a webinar or listening to a subject matter expert. This is also a great opportunity to network with your peers to share best practices and ideas. Our office will also use this venue as an opportunity to share important HR-related updates, such as law or policy changes. The only requirement to attend is that you supervise at least one faculty, academic or university staff employee on campus. 

    Upcoming events:

    1/17/2019 in Sage 3234 from 3:00-4:00pmReview of the Changes to UWO’s Performance Evaluation Form and Reference Checking & P-File Policies

    In 2019, there will be changes to the performance evaluation form on campus. Come to this session to learn what the changes are, why they are being made and what some best-practices are when it comes to completing evaluations with your staff.

    We will also be discussing some recent changes to UW System policies on reference checking and personnel files. These policies were updated effective January 2019.

    Register here.

    2/21/2019 in Sage 3234 from 3:00-4:00pmTED Talk: Why being respectful to your coworkers is a good for business

    Join us as we watch the Ted talk “Why being respectful to your coworkers is good for business” by Christine Porath. In this science-backed talk, she shares surprising insights about the costs of rudeness and shows how little acts of respect can boost your professional success. This is a must see for any leader who has had to deal with incivility in the workplace.

    Register here.

    CANCELLED – 3/21/2019 in Sage 3234 from 3:00-4:00pm Maintaining an Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

    This session is designed to assist supervisors to understand their role in maintaining a substance-free workplace, recognize on-the-job indicators of alcohol and drug abuse, make “reasonable suspicion” determinations for testing referral, and know the “dos” and “don’ts” for supervisors in regard to substance use and abuse.

    Register here.

    4/17/2019 in Sage 3234 from 1:00-2:00pmPutting Emotional Intelligence into Practice

    In October’s session we talked about what emotional intelligence is and how it can positively impact the workplace. This session will help expand your EQ toolkit by going over 7 tips and resources that can be used to cultivate emotional intelligence. This will be an interactive session with the opportunity to practice the tools discussed!

    Register here.

    5/16/2019 in Sage 3234 from 3:00-4:00pmFMLA: What Supervisors Need to Know

    Family Medical Leave can be quite difficult to understand, especially if a supervisor is unaware of the role they play in the process. In this session we will discuss exactly what roles supervisors have in the FMLA process and also go over the rules and requirements for FMLA eligibility. The goal of this program is that each supervisor leaves with an understanding of their responsibilities along with a general understanding of the process that HR follows for FMLA requests.

    Register here.

    UW Leadership Development Program

    This is a program offered through the UW System and UW Extension. This series of six courses is designed to increase your confidence and credibility as a higher education leader, strengthen your personal networks, and prepare you to be successful in your next career move. Participants who complete the required courses will earn a UW Leadership Development Certificate as well as three free 1-on-1 sessions with a professional leadership coach. More information about the program can be found on the website. If you are interested in pursuing this off-campus opportunity, please speak with your supervisor.

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