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College/Department Recruitment and Hiring Contacts

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Chancellor’s Office

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College of Letters and Science

Patricia Schrader
College of Education and Human Services

Jessica Brown
Finance and Administration

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College of Nursing
Academic Affairs

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Welcome to the ultimate resource page for supervisors and search and screen committee members recruiting for a vacant position at UW Oshkosh! We hope to help this process run as smooth as possible providing you with the necessary tips and resources throughout your search.

Recruitment Resources

Getting Started

Looking to replace or fill a new position? Here’s what you need to do:


    1. Review the steps in the recruitment flowClick here to review a recruitment process overview.
    2. Use the standard job description (SJD) library located HERE to review all of our titles and job descriptions. When determining a title, the employee should be doing all the responsibilities listed.
    3. Use our recruitment process checklist to keep track of the different hiring processes happening in your area.
    4. University Staff recruitments: Decide which type of recruitment process you will use. Hiring supervisors have the option to use our traditional recruitment process or use the University Staff Alternative Search Process. Details on our alternative process can be found HERE.
    5. Create your job posting in PageUp: Labeled in PageUp as “job requisition,” use this form to request a position and to build your external job posting that will be advertised on the careers website for candidates to apply.
PageUp Training Manuals

With the implementation of our applicant tracking system, PageUp, we want to make sure you feel comfortable using the system. Check the events section on the left side of this page for PageUp training sessions hosted by the Office of Human Resources or call a recruiter with any questions (920-424-1166). See below for the necessary PageUp training manuals:


Search and Screen Committee Resources

Helpful guides for your role in the recruitment process:

Search Chair Quick Tips Guide 

Search Assistant Quick Tips Guide

Search Committee Roles – Quick Guide

Recruitment Process Flow Chart

Required Document Upload Checklist

Required and Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Creating an Event (Interview Scheduler)


Tiering/Screening Templates:

Sample Matrix-Rubric 1

Sample Matrix-Rubric 2

Search Committee Final Recommendations

Open Meetings Law

All Search and Screen committee meetings are subject to the Open Meetings Law 19.85 (1) (c).

While Wisconsin Open Meetings Law requires 24 hour notice, according to University practice, the Committee must notice public meetings 48 hours in advance by posting one notice on the University Marketing & Communication’s online Open Meetings Calendar using the form located here:, and a second notice on a bulletin board near the meeting location. For questions about the noticing and posting process, please contact University Marketing & Communication.

If you receive a request for documentation from a search, contact the University’s Custodian of Public Records, Robert Roberts, at



What is the difference between and internal and external search? An internal search is one where only internal candidates (those currently employed at UW Oshkosh) are considered for the position. An external search considers both internal candidates and external candidates.

Can a candidate be reimbursed for traveling during the recruitment process? 
Yes; candidates may be offered reimbursement for their travel expenses throughout the recruitment process, however, if offered to one, this needs to be offered to all candidates. For more information on the travel reimbursement process, please reference this guide.

What are the polices relating search and screen committees for limited appointments and academic staff positions? Please reference this entry in the Faculty/Staff handbook regarding search and screen information for limited and academic staff appointments.

Interviewing Resources

The recruitment process is often the first experience an applicant has with the university. Being properly prepared for your phone interviews and on campus interviews is an integral contributor of your candidates having a positive application process. We strongly encourage each search and screen committee member and hiring supervisors to review the interviewing guides provided below to be as prepared as possible for your recruitment process:


The Office of Human Resources has solidified unlimited job posting contracts with the vendors listed below. Please know that your department will not be financially responsible for posting on these particular websites due to a partially centralized advertising budget solely applicable to these vendors.

Additional outreach is highly encouraged and a best practice. Departments may advertise their positions on niche job boards, journals, list serves, etc. Additional advertisements placed will need to be paid for and posted by the hiring department and documentation must be uploaded to the documents tab of job requisition.

Making an Offer

Follow the directions below when initiating the offer phase of the recruitment process:

  1. Once the search committee has completed their review and analysis of the candidates, they will make their hiring recommendations in PageUp by listing an applicant in “Recommend for hire” status or in “Not recommended for hire” status. The hiring supervisor may review candidates in both statuses and determine which candidate they would like to extend an offer to. If the hiring supervisor is interested in offering the position to a candidate who was not recommended by the search committee, they must email a justification explaining why they are choosing a candidate who was not recommended for the position to the Office of Human Resources.
  2. The hiring supervisor or administrative support person connected to the job may complete the offer card for the applicant who has been selected as the finalist. The offer card will ask for information revolving around the offer, which will, in turn, create the offer letter/contract later on. The offer card is sent through an approval process.
  3. Once the offer card has been fully approved, the hiring supervisor may make the verbal offer to the applicant.
  4. Once the hiring supervisor receives an acceptance to their verbal offer, they must notify the recruitment team (Shannon Lemke) immediately of the acceptance. The recruitment team will immediately follow up with the applicant by sending them a written offer of employment, which is securely sent through PageUp.
  5. Once the candidate electronically accepts and signs their offer of employment, PageUp will redirect them to a New Starter Form. Once completed, the criminal background screen will immediately be initiated.
  6. The Office of Human Resources will follow up with the hiring supervisor based on the results of the criminal background screen.
  7. The onboarding process begins.
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard operating procedures for recruiting and hiring on campus? Please use the following document when you have a recruitment need that arises in your area. Our standard operating procedures for recruiting and hiring outlines the various actions departments can take to fill positions.

What are some unique hiring circumstances surrounding instructional academic staff and fixed-term terminal academic staff? Please review this document to learn more about some these unique hiring situations.

What is the difference between an Acting and an Interim role? To understand the difference between these two roles, reference this brief guide.

What is the standard procedure for conducting professional reference checks?
 You may find the standard reference check form here. If you are using the PageUp system for reference checks by moving applicants into “Basic Reference Check” status, you may review the questions asked to references here.

    • The questions asked to references need to be identical for each candidate you are inquiring about.
    • The results of the reference checks need to be documented along with all other search criteria.
    • You may conduct reference checks at any time during the search process.
    • Anybody can conduct reference checks (search committee members, supervisor, etc.). You need to be consistent as to who you conduct the checks on, such as all candidates who have been phone interviewed or all finalists.
    • Make sure candidates are notified if and when you are checking their references. Also, candidates need to be notified if their current employer is being contacted. References that are not identified on a reference list by the candidate may be contacted, however, the candidate needs to be notified prior to doing so.


I am a supervisor and I was contacted by a potential employer for a reference check regarding a current or former employee. How should I respond? Please proceed to answer their questions to the best of your ability and/or comfort level. Per UW System policy, you must also notify the potential employer of the appropriate UW System institution contact for any questions regarding employee misconduct (including any violation of sexual violence or sexual harassment policies), even if the potential employer does not specifically ask. The appropriate UW System institution contact must disclose whether the employee has ever been found to have engaged in, is currently under investigation for, or left during an active investigation in which they were accused of sexual violence or sexual harassment. Please use the following statement when in these situations:

“All questions related to employee misconduct including sexual misconduct are addressed only by our human resources department, which can be contacted by email at This isn’t meant to imply that this candidate has committed any misconduct but is something we are required by policy to tell all potential employers.”

What is a position of trust?  Per Regent Policy Document 20-19, positions of trust are those positions that require unsupervised or significant access to minors, under the age of 18 who are NOT enrolled or accepted for enrollment at a UW System Institution, and medical patients (vulnerable populations); property access; financial/fiduciary duties; an all executive level positions. Those who hold a position of trust are required to complete a criminal background check every four years with the Human Resources Office.

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