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Eligibility Requirements:

General Requirements:

  • Must attend an accredited higher education university/college and provide verification showing
    proof of course enrollment
    • Examples of documentation include: class schedule OR letter from school confirming enrollment
    • All documents must include school name, student’s name, dates of enrollment and total
      credit hours

Course Enrollment Requirements:

  • Fall and Spring terms: Must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduate; 4.5 for graduate level)
  • Summer term: Must be enrolled 3.0 credits for undergraduate and graduate OR enrolled at least half-time in upcoming Fall term


Hours Students are Eligible to Work

Total hours per week include all jobs together.

  • All student employees, excluding international students, are eligible to work a maximum of 25 hours per week between all jobs within the Fall and Spring academic terms. There are periods where students may work more hours; however, it is restricted. Please refer to the work eligibility schedule for details.
  • International Students are eligible to work a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session

ACA Work Hours Eligibility Schedule


For the Student Employee:

If you are a student looking for employment on or off campus please check out:

If you are already a student employee or have secured a new student employment job recently this section provides detailed information regarding students working for UW Oshkosh either on or off campus.



Primary UW Shared Services Payroll Contact:
Amy Bobylak

Backup Campus Contact:
Erin Van Lyssel

All student hourly positions are at-will positions and may be terminated at any time provided the reason is not prohibited by law. It is the University’s position that the UW-Oshkosh Workplace Expectations apply to student employees in the same manner as they apply to staff.

Click here to review the Workplace Expectations

Helpful Information: 

  • The University deducts the required federal and state taxes from an employee’s earnings:

    All employees should complete a W-4 tax withholding election. For tax filing information (including international), refer to the Service Center’s Tax Filing Resource Page. Refer to the UW System Tax Filing Resource page for more information.

    If an employee needs to request a duplicate W2, please complete the Duplicate W-2 Request form.

    Employees Exempt from Taxes
    A UW student employee is exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes if enrolled and attending classes as a graduate or undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin on at least a half-time basis. Half-time status is defined by each institution and is determined at the end of the add/drop period each semester. See Student FICA Exemptions (UWSA Policy 206) for specific rules.

    International Tax Information
    International employees who are not citizens of the United States and have not obtained permanent resident status are categorized as non-resident aliens or resident aliens for tax purposes based upon several factors including the amount of time they have spent in the United States. International employees are required to create and maintain an account with Glacier International in order to determine their appropriate tax withholding status (substantial presence test) as well as their eligibility for any applicable tax treaties. Information about Glacier will be sent to employees at their UW Oshkosh email address when they begin employment.

General payroll information like pay dates and how to change your direct deposit is available on our Payroll page

If your direct deposit information is incorrect or inactive, you will receive an email to your staff email address letting you know and to confirm your mailing address. If this issue is not fixed, you will receive a US Bank Focus Pay Card in the mail in a plain envelope. Your pay will continue to be added to this card until you have an active and correct direct deposit. 

  • If you are returning to work after a break in employment of six months or greater, you will need to update your direct deposit information in the MyUW System.

Your supervisor or someone in their department will begin the new hire process in BPLogix. You will receive an email with a link to complete your new hire paperwork digitally. You will be required to provide your direct deposit information and complete section 1 of your I-9 at that time. It is important that you complete this in a timely manner to reduce delays in your access and pay. Once you submit the completed form, you will still need to complete section 2 of the I-9 before our office can enter you into our HR System. It is typically recommended that you complete this before your first day or on your first day.

To complete section 2 of your I-9, you will need to provide documentation to prove your citizenship and work authorization status. These must be the original documents and cannot be photocopies. Here is a list that outlines acceptable documents for section 2. You can find the full I-9 process here.

You will receive a confirmation email once you are entered into our HR System. You should receive an email from IT within the following days with your staff.NetID information. This will be used to login into your staff email and to login as an employee in the MyUW System.

If you have  been a student employee in the past three years, you are considered a rehire and are not required to recomplete the new hire paperwork. If you are returning to work after a break in employment of six months or greater, you will need to update your direct deposit information in the MyUW System.

For the Employing Unit Coordinator:

As an Employing Unit Coordinator, you may need the helpful information below to get started with hiring student employees.

  1. Define your needs for a student employee, obtain approval from appropriate department/college leaders to post a job for a student position.
  2. Work with department Vice Chancellor’s office or college Dean’s office to determine funding source (see options under the Funding/Salary Sources tab).
  3. Develop a student position description and post it using Handshake via Career and Professional Development. Typically, it is recommended to have a position posted for two weeks. To request access to post jobs to Handshake, please reach out to Career and Professional Development at
  4. Interview potential student employee candidates using the same questions for all to ensure an equitable process. Please see a list of example interview questions under the Other Resources tab. 
  5. Select a candidate, determine eligibility, offer position verbally or electronically and agree to a start date with new employee. 
  6. Create a New Hire (or Rehire*) Request in BP Logix to kick off the hiring process for the student you want to hire. 

*If the student is currently employed by UW Oshkosh but in a different department/job from the one you are hiring for, a Rehire request should be submitted. If the student is not a current employee but has been in the last 3 years, a Rehire request should be submitted. 

The pay rate (hourly wage) is determined by the degree to which the expected duties of the position fall within the scope of each title. Below is a description of duties for each job title and the pay range associated.

  • Student Help
    Pay range: $10.00 to $12.00 per hour
    Description: Work is performed under close supervision. Procedures and tasks are well established. Decision making is limited. The consequence of error is minimal to correctable. Accountability and scope of operation are low to moderate. Work is frequently reviewed. No leadership role assigned to worker. No previous skill or technical knowledge is required. Training takes place on the job.
  • Student Help Intermediate
    Pay range: $11.00 to $15.00 per hour
    Description: Work that requires, for a portion of the time, some independent judgment and initiative, and/or previous skill or technical knowledge. Increased accountability. Scope of work reaches across the department.
  • Student Help Advanced
    Pay range: $11.00 to $17.00 per hour
    Description: Work that requires, for a major portion of the time, some advanced or specialized knowledge, skill or ability. Work that may involve some supervisory responsibilities; Includes graduate students and duties in teaching or administration requiring advanced discipline, skill or knowledge.
  • Student Help Special
    Pay: Lump Sum
    Description: Lump sum payments generally only relate to Community Advisors within Residence Life and a very few unique situations where an hourly rate is unable to be determined. If your department is interested in exploring this option further, a request can be submitted via BP Logix (Lump Sum Justification). Student workers in this classification are still required to record their hours worked on their timesheet for ACA purposes.


Working titles: Working Titles are titles that are concise, and more completely state the employee’s title within the department. It is the only way the student has to be able to differentiate between multiple jobs for time entry. The working title is entered into the HRS payroll system. Title should be short but descriptive.

Examples of Working Titles: Music Oboe Teacher; STEP Art Assistant; Fac Mgmt Custodian

Departmental funds (WISER account code: 1771)

The student is paid using the department’s own account number and funding.

STEP Funds 

STEP (Student Titan Employment Program) Funding was developed by the Chancellor to provide departments with funding to offer student employment opportunities to enhance a student’s educational experience during the academic year. Students benefit by earning an income while working on unique projects and departments benefit from the additional funding for student assistance.   

The Provost Office allocates funding and manages this program with the colleges and divisions. The colleges and divisions are then responsible for distributing STEP funds to departments within the area. Once STEP funds are assigned to your department/unit, you will then need to post the STEP funded position to Handshake via Career and Professional Development for applicants to apply. If you have a current student employee continuing to be funded by STEP funds, they are required to reapply to the position each academic year. Email announcements regarding academic year STEP funds are sent by the Provost Office each August for the following academic year. 

STEP funds are typically allocated and intended for use in the academic year only. Summer wages paid to a student employee should be charged to the departmental account. 

“136” program revenue accounts are used for student funding sources when a department is using STEP funds to fund their student wages. If utilizing STEP funds, please ensure that the funding account that you list on the hiring information or funding update request is accurate. Please reach out to your unit’s business officer or budget team to confirm if you are not familiar with what account to indicate on your form. 

STEP funded positions should meet the following criteria: STEP Learning Outcomes  

Questions regarding STEP funds, department allocation or eligibility can be directed to your Divisions Vice Chancellor’s Office, College Dean’s Office or the Provost Office. 

Work Study (WISER account code: 1781)

Work study is a federally funded program that offers students an opportunity to receive federal monies for working while enrolled in school. Work study is awarded on an academic year basis to each student individually via the Financial Aid office and is part of the students overall financial aid package. 

Work study funds are awarded to the student, not the department. If a student has multiple jobs, all jobs will be charged to the work study award first. Monies are funded 75% from federal work study funds and 25% from departmental/institutional funds. This means that the department pays 25% of the wages of the student while the remaining 75% is covered by federal work study funds. Once the work study award is depleted, wages will automatically begin charging the department account.  

Work study can STEP funds can be used concurrently. In this case, wages would be funded by 75% work study funds and 25% from STEP funds. 

Monies from federal grants (144 accounts) are not eligible to use work study funds. A department account should be used to set up a newly hired student employee. Any work study award that the student accepts will be charged on the back end before the 25% is charged to the department or STEP account. 

Students eligible for federal work study funds must accept their award through Titan Web before funds are able to be used for wages. Student supervisors can request access to Titan Web to view this information by contacting the Registrar’s office. Also viewable in Titan Web is the remaining work study funds allocated to the student for the academic year. This information can be used to monitor work student funds remaining to prepare for potential budget impacts once the funds have ran out. 

Questions regarding work study funds should be directed to the Financial Aid office – 

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Mandate   

  • Employers are required to offer health insurance to 95% of full-time employees 
  • Full-time equivalent is 30 or more hours per week (130 hours/month; 1560 hours/year) 
  • State statute reads that student employees are not considered employees for the purposes of insurance eligibility 
  • If employers do not offer the health insurance, there is a monetary penalty 
    • If employee goes to ACA Marketplace and receives a subsidy for insurance and employer did not offer affordable health coverage, then employer will be fined $3,000 per person per year 
    • There is a potential for UW System to be penalized $68 million if we do not comply 
  • If employee works full-time for 3 months (12 weeks equivalent) or more, then employer is required to offer them employee health insurance on the 4th month. If insurance is not offered, we will be penalized as stated above. 


What does this mean for student employment?

  • Students may work no more than 25 hours per week while classes are in session *
  • International Students – may work no more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session 
*If student has more than one campus job, supervisors must work together between departments and student to coordinate total hours student is working per week. 


Break Periods 


Summer Period 

  • Students are not able to work more than 12 weeks at 30 or more hours per week during summer period.  
  • This means from the first time they start working 30 or more hours per week to the last time they stop working 30 or more hours per week. 

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