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Employing Unit Coordinator Manual

EUC Manual

Contents include:

  • HR Contact Information, General HRS Log-in Information
  • Hours Eligible to Work Guidelines/Course Credit Requirements
  • Hiring Action How-to’s (New Hire, Rehire)
  • Overview of Student Employment Checklist and New Hire Paperwork
  • Wage and Title Information
  • and more; reference Page 2 for an interactive Table of Contents that will help you navigate to the section you are interested in
Hiring a Student Employee

Thank you for your interest in hiring student employees! Providing an opportunity for students to work on campus offers benefits for both the student and departments. The student is able to learn valuable work skills to be successful when they enter the workforce after graduation. Please be sure to reference the Student Hiring Reference Guide below for all information related to hiring a student employee. 

Student Hiring Reference Guide – This is a one-stop-shop for information/processes related to hiring student employees. Note that there is an interactive table of contents for quick referencing. 

Hiring Paperwork – students that have never worked on campus before are required to complete all hiring paperwork prior to starting employment. 

Employing Unit Coordinators (EUC) – EUCs are staff across campus that support the management of hiring and updating student employee jobs. Supervisors should work closely with office support staff/EUCs to ensure appropriate job information such as dates of service, hourly pay rates and funding is timely updated.  The departmental office support staff may also be the EUC for your department. If they are not they should able to direct you appropriately. 

Credit Enrollment Requirement 

Though we have a standard credit enrollment requirement to hire students on campus, each division/department may have separate expectations, including but not limited to, GPA requirements. Please check with your division/department for any additional requirements. 
Fall/Spring Terms: Must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits undergraduate; 4.5 graduate) 
Summer Session: Must be enrolled 3.0 credits OR enrolled at least half-time in upcoming Fall term 

Hours Eligible to Work Guidelines 

All student employees, excluding international students, are eligible to work a maximum of 25 hours per week between all jobs within the Fall and Spring academic terms. There are periods where students may work more hours; however, it is restricted. 

Please refer to the work eligibility schedule found on the Student Employees webpage for details ( 

International Students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session due to VISA requirements. If they work more they could be at risk of being sent back to their home country. 

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring students are not going over the required hours limitations. If the student has more than one campus job, he/she and the supervisors must coordinate the total hours working per week between departments. Total hours per week include all jobs together. 

Hiring Paperwork

Please view the Forms page of the HR Website for information about general hiring paperwork and student specific documents.

You may also reference the Student Employment Checklist for a quick reference on hiring materials.

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