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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh!

We are happy you chose to work at our campus. We have designed an onboarding program called “Starting Strong” to help you transition smoothly into the campus community you are now a member of. This program includes access to an electronic onboarding portal, bi-weekly orientation sessions and monthly opportunities to learn more about other departments on campus. 

There is alot to learn as a new employee so we hope the Starting Strong program and other resources found on this page will be helpful for you. We encourage new employees to reach out to our office with any questions and we look forward to meeting you in person!

Starting Strong Orientation Opportunities

New Employee Basics – These orientation sessions are offered bi-weekly to new employees. We will cover a variety of important information – including UWO’s strategic plan, payroll schedules, a little campus history and information about employee discounts and perks! This a great opportunity to bring with any paperwork you need to turn in and ask questions. We encourage new employees to attend the session that is closest following their hire date. We look forward to meeting you in person! This session is open to all new employees.

November 6, 20189:00 – 10:00amDempsey 301
November 20, 20189:00 – 10:00amDempsey 301
December 4, 20189:00 – 10:00amDempsey 301
December 18, 20189:00 – 10:00amDempsey 301
January 15, 20199:00 – 10:00amDempsey 301
January 29, 20199:00 – 10:00amDempsey 301
February 12, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
February 26, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
March 12, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
March 26, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
April 9, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
April 23, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
May 7, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
May 21, 20199:00 – 10:30 amDempsey 301
June 4, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301
June 18, 20199:00 – 10:30amDempsey 301

Benefits Orientation
– There is a lot to figure out when it comes to the numerous benefits our campus offers! We know the information can be overwhelming. These sessions are offered bi-weekly to new employees and designed to give an overview of our whole benefits package. Each employee will receive a personalized benefits packet with important information about their enrollment options. We encourage new employees to read the benefit summaries and information online before attending this session. This session is open to benefits-eligible employees. Employees eligible for the Graduate Assistant benefits package will be contacted by our Benefits Specialist for a one-on-one orientation and should not attend the bi-weekly orientation sessions. 

After attending this session, employees can choose to schedule a 1-on-1 benefits meeting with our Benefits Specialist. To setup an appointment, please contact our office at 920-424-1166 or  For a copy of the orientation presentation, please click HERE. 


DateTime Location
November 6, 201810:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
November 20, 201810:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
December 4, 201810:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
December 18, 201810:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
January 15, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
January 29, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 212
February 12, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
February 26, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
March 12, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
March 26, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
April 9, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
April 23, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
May 7, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
May 21, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
June 4, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
June 18, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
July 2, 201910:30 – 12:00pmDempsey 301
July 16, 2019

Benefits Plan Calculation Tool - ALEX

The UW System offers comprehensive benefits as an important piece of our employees’ overall compensation package. In an effort to make benefits elections less stressful for new employees, the UW System offers ALEX, an online tool for anyone who wants a better understanding of the benefits plans offered at the UW System. It is recommended that you visit ALEX at prior to your employment start date.

Please note that you cannot actually enroll in any benefits plans through 
ALEX. Soon after you start you will receive information on how to enroll in your benefits.

Faculty/ Instructional Academic Staff

Each fall, the Provost’s Office coordinates an orientation event for new Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff. For more information about their orientation program, please visit the Academic Affairs website.

Employment Forms
All employment paperwork should be completed through PageUp (application system) prior to the beginning of one’s employment, except for Form I-9 and the w-4 form. Form I-9 and the w-4 cannot be completed within the PageUp system. The following forms must be completed upon employment at UW Oshkosh: 
    • I-9 Form: Section 1 (page 1) of Form I-9 must be completed before or on the new employee’s first day of employment. Section 2 (page 2) needs to be completed within three business days of the employee’s first day of employment in person. Please reference page 3 of Form I-9 for a list of identification options that must be presented to complete Section 2. For directions on how to complete Form I-9, click here. 
    • W-4: The W-4 prompts decisions regarding tax exemptions to be made, which will automatically sync with the new employees direct deposit payroll. The Human Resources department cannot in any circumstance provide tax advice to employees, therefore, please utilize the directions on the second page of the w-4 form and consult your financial or tax advisor to make your tax exemption decisions. 
    • Payroll Direct Deposit Form: You may complete this form through PageUp (application system). 
    • New Employee ChecklistBoarding information, paperwork deadlines, and important tasks to complete as a new hire
    • Voluntary Self Identification Form: You may complete this form through PageUp (application system).
    • Employee Emergency Contact Information
    • UW System Traveler’s Checklist 
Parenting Resources at UWO

Your Benefits

Adding a child to your family (due to birth, adoption, legal guardianship, etc.) may create an event in which you can enroll your child in your current benefits plans. More information about the eligible events may be found at the following links:

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Employees considering taking at least a week off from work due to their new child are highly encouraged to file for Family Medical Leave Act coverage. To review eligibility rules for FMLA, click here. While Family Medical Leave is unpaid, employees may use any accumulated paid leave such as sick leave, personal holidays and vacation days (if applicable). Sick leave can be accrued even if an employee is on a paid leave of absence. Employees are advised to utilize their My UW System Portal to view their current leave availability and contact the Human Resources to set up a meeting with a Payroll Specialist if they have more questions.

Employees may request intermittent leave based on their work schedule at the discretion of their department chair or program director. Probationary faculty may request a stopping or suspending of the tenure clock according to the Faculty Handbook. More information on Family Medical Leave at the University may be found in the Faculty and Academic Staff handbook. The Family Medical Leave Act request form can be found here.


UW Oshkosh Children’s Learning and Care Center provides quality and affordable childcare to UW Oshkosh students, employees, and the community.  Enrollment forms should be turned in with as much advance notice as possible. Scheduling is done on a first come-first served basis, with currently enrolled children having first priority, followed by UW Oshkosh students who have financial aid, then UW Oshkosh students without financial aid. UW Oshkosh employees and community are accepted after the student priority deadlines.  The cost of campus childcare varies by age of child and whether they are enrolled in half-day or full-day schedules. 

Employees may choose to enroll in the Dependent Day Care Flex Spending Account to put away money pre-tax for childcare costs or costs related to other dependent care.  Questions about campus childcare? Contact: Dr. Susan Finkel-Hoffman Director, at or , Jacquie Pluim Assistant Director, at There are also other highly rated childcare options in the Oshkosh community.  Parents and guardians can search the Youngstar child care quality rating toolkit for additional options.

Lactation Resources

UW Oshkosh is required by the Fair Labor Standards Act to provide “reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express the milk.”  UW Oshkosh is also required to provide “a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.”  The Gender Equity Council has a list of lactation spaces on campus that are currently available to employees and students.  This list is often updated; if you notice any issues with current lactation spaces, or if you are in need of additional space, please contact the Gender Equity Council.   Discrimination or retaliation against lactating parents is a violation of federal law. 

See this Fact Sheet for more information about your rights.  You can also contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, Equity & Affirmative Action office for guidance. Employee health insurance providers are required by the Affordable Care Act to cover the cost of a breast pump and lactation support services.  The Birthing Center at Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh includes certified lactation consultant support services.  The Breastfeeding Alliance of Northeast Wisconsin also has a list of lactation resources in the Fox Valley.  The UW Oshkosh Children’s Learning and Care Center is a breastfeeding-friendly childcare provider.  The center has a lactation room on-site and the staff in the infant rooms work with nursing parents to cater to their baby’s individual needs.
Join Propel Oshkosh
Propel Oshkosh is a young professionals organization sponsored and managed by the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce. This program promotes personal and professional development for individuals between the ages of 21 and 40 who are looking to network and have fun while doing it! Propel Oshkosh hosts two to five events each month with the purpose of engaging young professionals so they can learn, grow, hang out, and make changes together in the community. 

UW Oshkosh proudly partners with Propel Oshkosh to support this group. All UW Oshkosh employees between the ages of 21 and 40 receive free entry into Propel Oshkosh (waiving the general $50 registration fee). To learn more about this program and view an event schedule, click here!
Moving to Oshkosh
UW Oshkosh wants to ensure the happiness and security of its employees and their families. When relocating to start a career with UW Oshkosh sounds like a great idea, it’s always good to consider your spouses career path, as well.

Newera is a higher education alliance group that provides employment opportunities for trailing spouses. UW Oshkosh proudly participates in this program to ensure a seamless transition for the families of which it employs. Take a look at employment opportunities through newera here!

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about the housing market in Oshkosh, click here!

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