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ATP: Moving UWO Forward

The Administrative Transformation Program and Workday

UW Oshkosh and all campuses that comprise University of Wisconsin System are participating in the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) to rebuild finance, human resources and research administration systems. The goal is to reduce the complexity of the current administrative environment and refocus valuable staff time on UWO’s mission of education, research and outreach.

Information sessions exploring various functions within Workday (the name of the new system as it will appear on our website and in resource materials) are ongoing. Watch your email for notifications of the monthly sessions. A faculty and staff training schedule will be released in early 2024 with training expected in spring and early summer. The anticipated go-live date is July 2024.


Monthly walkthroughs: Watch your email for Workday Walkthrough information sessions.
Previous sessions can be found at this link. 
You will need to log in with your netID and password.

For current and upcoming Workday Walkthroughs visit this link.

What is Workday?

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Resources and Leadership


ATP Website

What is Workday?
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Workday for HR Staff
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Workday for Finance Staff
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Workday for Research Admin
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ATP What’s It All About
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Meet Your UWO ATP Leadership Team

Victor Alatorre, Readiness Lead & IT Co-Lead

Mark Clements, Readiness Co-Lead & IT Lead

Peggy Breister, Communications Lead

Andrew Braatz, Finance Lead

Bethany Rusch Finance Co-Lead

Shawna Kuether, HR Lead

Holly Shea, HR Co-Lead

Esther Eke, Research/Grant Administration Lead

Why ATP?

How many systems and spreadsheets do you use to complete your work? Across the UW System more than 1800 disconnected systems and spreadsheets are used to perform administrative processes and tasks. Work for staff in admin roles can be inefficient, frustrating, and limit access to helpful data that would benefit everyone across the System. ATP aims to fix that.

We’re partnering with all UW institutions to standardize processes and implement Workday and Huron Research Suite, allowing us to retire many existing, outdated systems we use today — including Human Resource System (HRS) and Shared Financial System (SFS). By replacing them with modern, integrated systems, we can:

Introduce simplified, consistent business processes across departments, divisions, and schools.

Improve the user experience for all UW faculty and staff — and especially administrative staff.

Collect better data to ensure we’re making the best decisions.

Reduce risks related to audits and information security.

What’s Workday?

Workday is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system UW will use to standardize and streamline most human resources, finance, and research administration business processes at every UW System institution. We will implement two core Workday suites: Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management (FIN).

An integrated, cloud-based system, Workday will serve as a single destination for administrative staff to perform most of their work, replacing the Human Resource System (HRS) and Shared Financial System (SFS), as well as hundreds of other administrative systems we use now.

Benefits of Workday

Independent Access – You will be able to see or change personal information more easily – meaning fewer phone calls or forms. This will also reduce the strain on HR staff who perform these functions.

Data Accuracy – Job details and personal information are documented and accessible within Workday. There is no risk of losing papers that contain sensitive and important information.

Greater Automation – Workday automates certain processes, saving you from manual entry or input – and saving you time.

Improved Efficiency – Workday lets you see which step of a process you are on. It also allows several users with the appropriate security access to act on a step, reducing delays in the case of staff absence.