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Crisis Hotlines

Mental & Behavioral Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-7233 (TTY: 800-787-3224)
or Text LOVEIS to 866-331-9474

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
800-273-8255 or Chat

National Sexual Assault Hotline
or Chat with the Online Hotline

Psychiatric Emergency:
Calling 911 is Courageous
Inform operator it is a psychiatric emergency and ask for police officers trained in crisis intervention

LGBT National Hotline
888-843-4564 or Chat

LGBT National Senior Hotline

The Trevor Project
For immediate support, call 1-866-488-7386

Trans Lifeline
Connect to support, and resources

Find support resources all in one place: Resilient Wisconsin from DHS

UWO Resources

Employee Assistance Program: For all aspects of wellness assistance. Dial 833-539-7285 (TTY: 877-334-0489)

UWO Go: non-emergency safe ride service

UWO Mobile App: campus resources and safety tools

Safe Training: interactive workshops for becoming an ally to the LGBTQ+ community

Bystander Intervention Training: for learning effective intervention in unsafe or unhealthy situations

The Red Zone: resources for preventing sexual assault in the initial six weeks of the academic year

Campus Accessibility: resources for accessibility services at UW Oshkosh

Employee Perks

Check out the perks of working at UWO!

UW Oshkosh values the health and overall well-being of its employees. The university supports each staff and faculty member’s quest to become an overall healthier individual by providing access to wellness programs that encompass all dimensions of well-being: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Information related to UW Oshkosh campus and UW System-wide based programs, and community support resources are available below.

Retirement & Benefits Presentation

Join us at the March HR Connections on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 12noon to learn about what happens to insurances at retirement and the steps to take when you are ready to retire.

Click here to join the session.

Maintaining Well-Being - Free Live Webinars

Check out live and recorded webinars that encompass mental health, financial, social, and more. Webinars are provided by vendors such as EAP, Well Wisconsin, ETF, and Tax-Sheltered Annuity providers.

Wellness Newsletter Archive

February 2021

  • AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
  • Children’s Dental Health Month
  • Heart Month
  • America Saves Week
  • 13 Brain Exercises to Help Keep You Mentally Sharp
  • SWIB Announces Preliminary 2020 WRS Investment Performance
  • How the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ Benefits the WRS
  • Burn Awareness Week
  • ETF News Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Information
  • Healthy Titans Fitness Program is Here for YOU!
  • 5 Coffee Swaps that Still Get Your Energy Going
  • The Fascinating History of Burnout: Understanding the modern phenomenon….
  • And More

January 2021

  • New Employee Assistance Program Administrator – Kepro
  • New Well Wisconsin Platform – WebMD
  • Music is Strong and Well at UWO
  • NASA’s First Black Man to Arrive at Space Station for Long-Term Stay
  • How to Take Good Care of Yourself as You Grow Older
  • BYE 2020: A Toolkit to Help Process This Mess
  • Well Wisconsin Radio open to all employees
  • Feeling a Little Blue? Check Out Our Smiling Faces
  • ETF Retirement Appointments Now Available in the Evening
  • Meet with a TIAA Consultant
  • Healthy Titans Fitness – FREE Interim Options Available Now!
  • 8 Big Lies About Sugar We Should Unlearn
  • WEBINAR: Leading During Uncertainty
  • Employee Burnout Signs: What to Watch For and How to Prevent It
  • WRS Webinars and more!

December 2020

November 2020

October 2020

September 2020


America Saves Week

Monday, February 22 through Friday, February 26, 2021

The University of Wisconsin is committed to promoting financial wellness by helping you plan and achieve your savings goals. The University is proud to be a participant of America Saves Week and offer events across the UW System at no cost to you!

Click the links below to navigate to different parts of the America Saves Week website:

  • General Information – provides information on America Saves Week
  • Event Registration – register for webinars and events by institution (participating locations may vary; Disclaimer: you must use a desktop or tablet to register for events. Event Registration page is not compatible with mobile devices.
  • Event Descriptions – descriptions of all events, both webinar and at participating institutions
  • Participating Providers & Companies – background information on the companies involved
  • Resources – links to other valuable educational materials

Wellness Incentive Eligible – if you (and spouse) are enrolled in State Group Health you are eligible to claim attendance to an America Saves Week webinar as an Employer Sponsored Activity event. To obtain the required code, submit your information via this submission form.

COVID-19 Pandemic UWO and Community Resources

As workplace restrictions ease, ETF, EAP, and UW System continue to offer you information, tips and strategies to help you manage the pandemic’s ongoing challenges. Check out the UW Oshkosh main Titans Return webpage for information about returning to campus, testing, and vaccinations and more.

UW Oshkosh Resources


General Public Resources

Community Support Resources
All throughout the Fox Valley area, including down to the City of Fond du Lac, are community resources and support available to employees in crisis or need. Do not hesitate to reach out. Below are just a few organizations designed to help and serve you within our community.

General All Around Support

  • 211– connects individuals with thousands of nonprofits and government agencies in their area based on their needs. Individuals can visit the website or call 2-1-1.
  • UW Extension: Financial Resources– resources for free financial counseling, steps to take if individuals are struggling to make payments, and links to resources for requesting unemployment benefits, food assistance, childcare, paying utilities, and more.
  • LEAVEN– assists with basic needs, including financial, and high-risk prevention in the Fox Valley area; 920.738.9635, Mon-Fri 9-4
  • Salvation Army– provides food and basic needs pantry, financial assistance and more; call 920.923.8220; located at 237 N Macy St, Fond du Lac
  • ADVOCAP, Inc.– provides affordable housing services, emergency food, training, transportation; Fond du Lac – 800.631.7760 or 920.922.7760; Oshkosh – 920.426.0150; Neenah – 920.725.2791
  • Oshkosh Area United Way – resources for financial stability, childhood development, mental health, basic needs drive, and more; 920.235.8560;; 21 W New York Ave, Oshkosh

Food Pantries

Gardening Program

As part of the faculty and staff wellness initiatives, the Gardening Program will engage interested employees in assisting to enhance the beautification of campus (Oshkosh, Fox Valley, and Fond du Lac). This would be voluntary and include activities such as dead heading plants, weeding designated areas, seed collection, planting, and dividing plants.

Click here to view the gardening program guidelines.

Register here to participate in the program.

Wellness Incentive Eligible – if you are enrolled in State Group Health you are eligible to claim participation in the Gardening Program as an Employer Sponsored Activity event. To obtain the required code, Human Resources will work with the Gardening Program Coordinator, Lisa Mick, to ensure participation. You will be emailed the required code at the end of each August.

Healthy Titans Fitness Program
The Healthy Titans Fitness program is open to all University of Wisconsin Oshkosh employees, spouses/domestic partners and retirees. Our program offers access to the Albee Fitness and Strength Training Center, group exercise classes and personal training with our student fitness specialists. We offer a variety of group exercise classes including yoga, Total Titan, group cycling, TRX, cardio dance fusion and step aerobics.

Find out more about this amazing opportunity here!

Mental Health Resource - SilverCloud

SilverCloud is an online, anonymous, self-guided, interactive resource that provides UW System students, faculty, and staff with no-cost, confidential help with mental health well-being and stress management. It is a time-flexible option available 24 hours a day that may be effective for employees who experience mild to moderate symptoms. Each module lasts an average of 40 minutes and automatically saves progress, so the modules can be completed at your convenience.

SilverCloud is not designed to replace in-person mental health treatment for complex issues but may be an effective option for employees with mild to moderate symptoms. The purpose of SilverCloud is to:
• Help manage day-to-day stresses and anxiety
• Improve resilience
• Teach skills to understand thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
• Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

All UW System employees are welcome. You do not need a referral from a mental health or medical professional to use this free online program. Find more information about SilverCloud and/or sign up here.

Small Wellness Activities

These activities are meant to be able to engage employees and build camaraderie by expanding your knowledge around wellness topics and encourage continued wellness engagement. Activities may include completing puzzles, campus scavenger hunts, or other simple challenges. All employees have the opportunity to complete the challenge and submit for a chance to win a prize. Challenge submissions must be completed by the end of the month specified in the announcement. Answers and winners will be announced in the following month’s Wellness News.

The activities will be announced in the Wellness News that is emailed monthly to all employees and is archived on the Wellness webpage. It will also be announced in HR Connections.

Watch out for a chance to win a prize and learn more about wellness along the way!

Small Challenges Thus Far

STEP IT UP Program

This is a currently active 10-week program that is running from January 24 – April 3, 2021. It’s not all about walking so we are tracking our movement by converting stretching/exercise and other activities into steps. The idea is to get that habit of movement started. Not only do we track our movement, we offer a group support chat and half-hour discussion meets to help you along the way. We also offer encouragement through prizes. If you were not able to participate in the current program, watch for future opportunities. We try to do the program in the summer and winter months.

Steps Conversion Table

Discussion Meets

Week 1 – Internal inspiration and goal setting

Week 2 – Walking Posture

Week 3 – Walking Shoes with Run Away Shoes

Week 4 – Where are you walking? Doing other exercises?

Week 5 – MIDWAY – revisit inspiration and goals, focus on progress

Week 6 – Drinking water -what counts as a liquid source?

Week 7 – What’s in your pocket? Good snacks with Kate Harrell, Healthy Titans Fitness Program Coordinator

Week 8 – Morning & Night Stretches – does just moving help? with Kate Harrell

Week 9 – Getting good sleep – how does that help?

Week 10 – Revamp goals, review support systems, focus on progress

Wellness Incentive Eligible – if you are enrolled in State Group Health you are eligible to claim participation in the STEP IT UP Program as an Employer Sponsored Activity event. You will be emailed the required code at the end of the program.

Well Wisconsin – Wellness Incentive

Employer Activities that Count towards the activity portion of the Wellness Incentive:

  • STEP IT UP Program – Jan 24-Apr 3, 2021 – participants will receive code at end of program
  • America Saves Week – Feb 22-26, 2021 – submit form for code
  • Gardening Program – on-going May – October – active participants will receive code in August

Access the Well Wisconsin WebMD Portal here. Use the code SOWI to sign up to gain access to the portal. You will not need the code after you have created the account.

Need assistance navigating the portal? Contact the WebMD HelpLine at 800.821.6591 or

Well Wisconsin, administered by WebMD, is the uniform wellness program offered as part of the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. This program is voluntary and provided at no cost to you and your spouse if enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program. The program offers resources that can help you maintain or improve your current state of health and well-being and help you lower your health risk and health care costs.

The WebMD wellness portal is available to employees, retirees and their spouses enrolled in the State of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Programs. Access is based on the effective dates of your health insurance coverage. The WebMD portal is not available to children or other dependents of the employee enrolled in State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program.

Personal health information is protected by federal law and will not be shared with the UW System, Employee Trust Funds, or the group health insurance program. For more information, review the Department of Employee Trust Funds’ (ETF) Notice for Wellness Programs.

$150 Wellness Incentive

Well Wisconsin allows you and your spouse (if enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program) to each earn an annual $150 incentive. To earn this incentive, you and your spouse must each complete a health check activity, health assessment and one WebMD well-being activity (by mid-October*).

  • Health Check Activity:
    • Biometric screening – Provides a picture of overall health (includes measurements for blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol, triglycerides & glucose) or
    • Dental cleaning – Provides a picture of overall dental health (by getting a preventive dental exam) or
    • One coaching call – Provides an opportunity to work with a WebMD Health Coach to work toward your goals!
  • Health Assessment: Captures current health behaviors through a short questionnaire focusing on stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity.
  • Well-Being Activity: Helps with overall health and well-being (examples: Sleep Well Challenge, Health Coaching, Million Steps Challenge, 21 Day Meditation Experience or the Daily Dash).

*Check the WebMD portal for the deadline each year and/or for additional information regarding the Well Wisconsin Incentive.

Note: Wellness incentives paid to participants through WebMD are considered taxable income and will be applied to your earnings based on when you complete the incentive requirements.

It’s Your Health: Diabetes Program

This voluntary program helps you and your spouse (if enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program) with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. It helps manage the condition through a Certified Nurse Consultant. If you are enrolled in a non-High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you may receive insulin (and other prescriptions related to diabetes care) for a reduced fee (or no cost). WebMD will inform you of this program if you self-identify that you have diabetes through WebMD’s health assessment. Or if you have a WebMD portal account and have filled an anti-diabetic prescription. You may voluntarily enroll (or disenroll) by contacting WebMD at (800) 821-6591 or sending an email to WebMD at

Note: This Diabetes program qualifies as a Well-Being Activity for the $150 Wellness Incentive.

Well Wisconsin Radio - Open to All Employees

Well Wisconsin Radio provides an opportunity to learn from professionals around the state on various health and wellness topics.

And guess what!? It’s open to all employees. You do not need to be enrolled in the State health plan to listen.

Programs are offered 1-2 times a month and are always held from 12noon-12:30pm. Click on the Channel below for upcoming topics and sign up to hear the next episode!

2021 Well Wisconsin Radio Channel

Note: If you are enrolled in the State health plan and are participating in the Well Wisconsin incentive, you can use an episode as one of your required activities. A code will be provided when you watch the episode that you will need to report in the WebMD portal.

UWO Community Engagement
There are many ways that UWO engages community around us. Check out some activities and events that may be happening just next door.

UWO is a proud member of:

Send us your ideas!

We are constantly looking for ideas and initiatives to promote and establish on campus. Please share your ideas with us at

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  Fax: (920) 424- 2021


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