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Continuity Of Operations Planning (COOP)

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) is an effort to ensure the continued performance of minimum essential services during a wide range of potential emergencies. This is accomplished through the development of:

  • Plans and comprehensive procedures
  • Provisions for alternate sites, personnel, resources, communications, and vital records and databases.

Why is COOP planning important?

  • Ensures the continuous performance of a department’s essential services/operations during an emergency
  • Minimizes critical decisions in a time of crisis
  • Reduces dependence on specific personnel
  • Minimizes loss of data and revenue
  • Maintains public image and reputation

How to get started:

The UW Oshkosh Police Department is available to assist any department that is interested in implementing or updating their own COOP plan. For the COOP template, please click here. If you require additional information and/or would like to start a plan for your department, please contact Lt. Trent Martin.