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Staff Awards and Recognition

Near the end of each school year staff members at the University Police Department vote on candidates for several different awards. Those votes are accumulated and the person who obtains the most votes in each category gets the award.

2015-2016 Awards

Police Partner Award: Dennis Sabel
Community Policing Award: Sonny Gogo
Employee of the Year: Sonny Gogo

2014-2015 Awards

Police Partner Award: Officer Trent Morgan and Officer Dennis Sabel


Community Policing Award: Sergeant Donovan Heavener


Employee of the Year: Lieutenant Chris Tarmann

2014-2015 Department Recognitions

This year’s Spotlight Group of the Year is absolutely deserving of this award. During the beginning of the school year, the Oshkosh campus was the focus of several media outlets because of crimes around campus, and this group was extremely important in helping keep staff and students safe.

The department extended Safewalk hours for students and implemented discussions to increase safety measures. Aside from the crimes on and off campus, and the dedication to keeping the community and campus safe, the department continues to promote good health and safety in other ways outside of the normal duties.

The department participates in community events, actively attends hall government meetings, and promotes other student involvement. Run with the Cops got students involved, active and raised money for Special Olympics.

They also did events such as Race for the Light, which raised money for the Christine Ann Center, the Polar Plunge, the Shamrock Shuffle, Concerns of Police Survivors, Cirque de Safety and other events getting involved with halls.

2013-2014 Awards

Police Partner Award: Officer Trent Morgan


Community Policing Award: Officer Chance Duenkel


Employee of the Year: Officer Chance Duenkel

Awards and Criteria 

The Challenge Coin


The front of the Challenge Coin: The gold lettering of the words “U.W. Oshkosh Police” states boldly and proudly who we are. The two gold stars and two patches seated closely together in the middle of the coin represent the partnership between police and community service officers (CSOs). The surrounding think blue line symbolizes our unity; one team built to support the police department mission and protect the safety of each department and community member.

The back of the Challenge Coin: The U.W. Oshkosh Police Department badge is set in the center of the coin surrounded by the statements “Building Relationships” and “Protecting Community.” These statements embody who we are and how we view our mission. Surrounding these statements is again the thin blue line symbolizing our unity as a team. Outside of the line are the values that keep it intact: LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT and LOYALTY. The pledge “Leadership” bears specific importance to our mission as you cannot have leadership without having integrity, commitment and loyalty. We view leadership as having good moral and ethical character — integrity; staying committed to than character; and being loyal to the mission defined by our department.

It is our expectation that anyone employed at the U.W. Oshkosh Police Department represent the department by this standard both on and off duty. The challenge to each member of the police department is simply this; always maintain your integrity and commitment to these values, always be loyal to the mission you serve — always be a LEADER.

Employee of the Year

Eligible: All Staff Members

This award recognizes the person who always portrays a positive image of the Police Department and the entire University as a whole. This individual consistently shows up for work dressed in professional manner, with a positive attitude, ready to respond and react to the situations that arise throughout the day.

This person interacts well with fellow employees, other University staff, the public and all patrons they come in contact with. This is someone who regularly meets the expectations of our department, who goes above and beyond to help others and who takes initiative on tasks which may not always be required of their specific position.

When change happens in the department, they encourage and help others by promoting the positive aspects of the change. This person demonstrates leadership and sets a good example for others to follow.

Community Policing Award

Eligible: Police Officers, Detective, Sergeants

This award acknowledges an individual who demonstrates the ideal collaboration between Police and community. This is someone who recognizes that a community benefits most from the police when they engage with the community to promote a stance of involvement and partnership.

The officer or sergeant who receives this award continuously strives to make other departments, community members and campus staff and faculty feel important and appreciated.

Police Partner Award

Eligible: Police Officers, Detective, Sergeants

This award represents the Officer or Sergeant who patrols with the utmost confidence, completes tasks competently, is trustworthy, accountable and is the person you most look forward to working with.

The Partner Award is not about physical strength and/or size but more about competence, trustworthiness and reliability. This person goes out of their way to ensure the success of other officers no matter the time or place. This person demonstrates an unselfish dedication to duty by helping cover shifts for those who need vacation, to meet shift minimum and when special coverage is needed for events. This person is first to show up whether back-up is needed or not.