Math 100/101 Resources

Copies of the textbooks are available in the library and the Developmental Math Lab.  CD’s that correspond with the book and contain lectures of the sections are available in the Developmental Math Lab.

We’ve collected exam reviews, supplemental handouts and videos, as well as extra practice problems for common trouble areas. While these are helpful resources, we encourage you to ask  Developmental Math Lab or instructor any additional questions you may have.

Exam 1

Printable Handout of Math 100/101 Exam 1 Review

Review Videos

Exam 2

Printable Handout of Exam 2 Review

Review Videos

Exam 3

Printable Handout of Exam 3 Review

Review Videos 

Final Exam Review Handouts From Purchased Class Packet

Final Exam Review – Part I

Final Exam Review – First Half of the Semester

Tutorial Summaries
Final Exam Review – Part II

Final Exam Review – Part II

Tutorial Summaries
Final Review – Word Problems 

Word Problems for Final Review

Tutorial Summaries
Final Review – Exponents

Exponent Review for Final

Tutorial Summaries

Supplemental Handouts and Videos

Tutorial Summaries of Section 3.4 Problems

Negatives and Exponents


Printable Handout of Factoring Summary with Examples

Tutorial Summaries 

Quadratic Equations

Rational Expressions

Printable Handout of Rational Expression Summary with Examples

Tutorial Summaries 

Canceling Factors


Printable Handout of Graphing Linear Equations

Tutorial Summaries

Extra Practice Worksheets 

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