Student Organizations

Your college experience is not limited to what takes place in the classroom.  Active involvement is a great way to explore interests, meet new people, make friends and develop valuable skills. So reach out, make that initial contact and let the fun begin.

Student Government

Student Government is responsible for allocating the segregated university fee dollars of approximately $200,000 to campus clubs and organizations annually. SG also utilizes its grassroots organizational skills to deal with students’ rights, such as advocating on behalf of students on the national, state and local levels; promoting student activities and camaraderie and providing student representation on campus committees. Advisor: Neil Hall


Ambassadors are a group of responsible students who serve as official student representatives of the university, welcome and escort guests for special events and meetings, give tours of the campus for guests and visiting dignitaries and assist with orientation and registration procedures. Advisor: Tammy Brunette(920)-832-2633.


Enrich your college experience by playing on an intercollegiate athletic team, including women’s volleyball, soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s club volleyball and men’s and women’s tennis.  Visit the Athletics Page.


¡Aventuras! is dedicated to promoting the cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, primarily in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Advisor: Rachel Knighten(920) 832-2639.

Ballroom Dance Club

The Ballroom Dance Club provides students with the opportunity to teach and learn ballroom dancing in a no-pressure, relaxed environment. Lessons vary and are geared toward the beginner ballroom dancer. The club is open to all who want to dance and no experience is necessary. Come and learn the salsa, jitterbug, foxtrot swing, rumba, tango and many more. Advisor: Susan Rabideau,  (920) 832-2857.

Biology Club

The Biology Club is open to any students interested in biology or the sciences in general. The club hosts events, volunteers with science-related campus and community events and takes field trips. Come join the fun and become more involved in the science field. Advisor: Jason Mills(920) 832-2653.

Business Club

The Business Club’s goal is to enhance members’ knowledge of the different aspects and functionality of the business world while providing useful experiences to help prepare members for their business careers. Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month during fall and spring semesters. Advisor: Jill Halverson(920) 832-2694.

Campus Activities Club (CAB)

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student-run organization that coordinates activities for the students on campus. Events range from concerts and dances to volunteer fairs and lectures. Activities are fun, educational and/or helpful in planning for the future. Advisor: Neil Hall

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is open to students who have an interest in chemical sciences and chemistry-related fields. The club is affiliated with the Northeast Wisconsin Local Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is an official two-year campus ACS student chapter. They are active in campus activities, take field trips and are chemistry tutors on campus. Advisor: Brian Rukamp(920) 832-2652.


Formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, Cru is an interdenominational Christian student organization that desires to give all students the opportunity to find community and experience a relationship with Jesus. Cru meets every Wednesday at noon in #1338 for a weekly CruLive and we also meet weekly for men’s and women’s Bible studies. There are many social events and service opportunities. All students are welcome. Learn more by visiting our Cru webpageAdvisor:

Cyclone Dance Team

The Cyclone Dance Team practices routines and then performs at Cyclone basketball games and in a statewide dance competition. In addition, the members conduct various fundraising activities to offset expenses.

Drama Club

Drama Club offers promotional and technical support to any productions staged at the Fox Cities Fine Arts Theatre. In addition, Drama Club seeks to assure the Fine Arts Theatre’s regular maintenance. Drama Club seeks to give students a chance to explore the performing arts on campus in a lively and cooperative environment where students can discover how theatre stimulates creativity, teaches problem-solving and builds confidence. Advisor: Susan Rabideau(920) 832-2857.

Education Club

The Education Club brings future teachers together in a friendly atmosphere for learning and support. Students have the opportunity to help families out, raise money for scholarships and participate in other educational activities. Anyone and everyone can join. Advisor: Tammy Ladwig(920) 832-2668.

(Fox Association of Critical Thinkers)

FACT is the student skeptic club. Skepticism is the rigorous application of science and reason to test the validity of any and all claims. Club activities feature lectures, videos, discussions, field trips and special events. If you are a skeptic, freethinker, atheist, agnostic, humanist, secularist or anyone who requires evidence for extraordinary claims before you are willing to believe them, then FACT is the club for you. Advisor: Alan Peche(920) 832-2852. |  Visit the FACT Facebook Group.

 FoxBytes Computer Club

FoxBytes is open to any student, faculty or staff member who has an interest in computers. The club has gone on tours of computing facilities at local businesses, held LAN parties and other social activities and organized seminars on computer-related topics for the campus community. Advisor: Saleh Alnaeli(920) 832-2615.

Fox Engineering Society

The Fox Engineering Society (FES) is for anyone with interest in engineering. FES explores all disciplines of engineering, furthering the professional development and well-being of members of the Society and the surrounding communities. Come share and gain knowledge with FES. Advisor: Jamie Douglas(920) 832-2662.

Gaming Club

Do you enjoy fantasy novels, elves, magic, claymores, gryphons, mythology or Mountain Dew? If you answered yes to any one of these things, then you might be a perfect candidate for the Fox Cities campus Dungeons & Dragons Club. What do we do? We gather to relax and enjoy a role-playing game with other students on campus. Advisor: Bill Gillard(920) 832-2608.

Gay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) on the Fox Cities campus is dedicated to ensuring an open and welcoming environment for all students on campus. The GSA deals with issues facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered persons. It aims to educate the community and campus on LGBT issues and provides a network for all persons interested in working on these issues and concerns. The GSA is a safe space for LGBT persons and their allies to socially network and support each other. Advisor: Pam Massey(920) 832-2643.

Geo-Adventurers Club

New Description: The Geo-Adventurers Club is for students interested in exploring the world and its natural landscape.  This includes hiking, canoeing, caving, climbing and unique cultural experiences.  Past outings have included hiking at High Cliff State Park, traveling to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and ethnic dinners at local restaurants.  The club also strives to serve the community and works closely with the Bay-Lakes Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  The club meets every Thursday at 12:05 in Rm. 1065. Advisor: Beth Johnson,  (920) 832-2673 Visit the Geo Adventurers Club Facebook Group.


Participate in a sport you enjoy with intramural leagues, including co-ed volleyball, flag football and  5-on-5 and 3-on-3 basketball.

Libertarian Club

The Libertarian Club is dedicated to advancing the unifying principles of justice, freedom, equality and peace—the classical liberal values of the Declaration of Independence. The club is a refuge for respectful political conversation and education for anyone of any political persuasion. We look forward to a future when politics returns to an ethic of consent, not force, in the pursuit of peaceful cooperation.  Advisor:  Heather Benson(920) 832-2693.

Nursing and Allied Health Club

The Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Club hopes to provide an environment where all health careers can be discussed and explored. Advisors from several area health programs have visited to discuss their programs and the steps that students should take in order to be prepared to transfer. We are looking for individuals interested in exploring health fields. Co-Advisors : Teresa Gonya(920) 832-2693 and Kim Schatz(920) 832-2855.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an international honor society for two-year institutions. Numerous scholarship opportunities at four-year universities are offered exclusively to PTK members. The campus chapter, Alpha Theta Tau, organizes volunteer activities for community projects. Students with a 3.5 cumulative GPA who have completed at least 12 credits on the Fox Cities campus are eligible for membership.

 Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club provides a venue for philosophical discussion and scholarship beyond the classroom. Activities include the presentation of papers, discussion of books and general discussions revolving around philosophical issues.
Advisor: Vacant

Photo Club

The Fox Cities campus Photo Club is a society of students and community members who come together to share ideas on photography, helping each other learn by doing. Club activities include using the campus darkroom, visiting exhibits, organizing fundraisers and conducting workshops. Advisor: John Beaver(920) 832-2667.

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is open to any interested student. Officers are elected each semester. The club offers diverse views of political issues, personalities and policies to promote the understanding of each. It serves as the lead organization for the Harvard National Model UN Conference and the spring Great Decisions discussion series. Advisor: George Waller(920) 832-2856.

Psychology Club

Psychology Club is designed to promote increased awareness and appreciation of psychology through a variety of educational and social activities. Activities include guest speakers, social outings, field trips to community and mental health agencies, volunteering and fundraising opportunities, viewing psychologically based films and attending the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference (MPA). Psychology Club is open to any student with an interest in psychology. Advisor: Kathy Immel(920) 832-2663.

Sociology and Social Work Club

The Sociology and Social Work Club focuses on involving students in all areas and subjects relative to social issues including current events worldwide, community awareness and community service. It also helps students to develop professional resumes by offering opportunities to work with influential leaders in the community as well as interaction with esteemed professionals in the sociology field. Advisor: Greg Peter(920) 832-2655.

 Students for Sustainability 

The mission of Students for Sustainability is to serve as a model of sustainability for our campus and our community in order to foster a true culture of sustainability. Our goal is to promote thought, discussion, activity and education throughout the campus and community on important and timely sustainability, environmental, economic, societal and related issues facing today’s rapidly changing world. We meet in room 1040 at 12 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Advisor: Teresa Weglarz(920) 832-0136.

Universal Multicultural Association

The Universal Multicultural Association (UMA) values diversity and welcomes people of any race or cultural heritage to the club. This organization emphasizes the development of friendships, the sharing of perspectives and an appreciation of all cultures. Activities include ethnic dinners, dances, speakers, talent shows and community service.

University Studios (US)

University Studios is dedicated to teaching students the fundamental principles of video production and television broadcasting. Many former students have gone on to successful careers in radio, television, film, or related fields such as marketing, advertising, or public relations. For credit or on a volunteer basis, students can get involved in producing videos for a variety of purposes. Previous experience is not necessary and students from all academic majors are welcome. Advisor: Tom Frantz(920) 832-2719.

Writers’ Club

Writers’ Club supports and encourages students and others on campus who have an interest in writing prose fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Meetings are informal and usually begin with an information exchange about writing contests and scholarships, special readings and upcoming events. The remainder of the meeting is spent sharing our works-in-progress with the rest of the group and getting feedback. Writers’ Club also sponsors several special events each year. Advisor: Bill Gillard(920) 832-2669.

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