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Aladdin Food & Services Management is working diligently to protect your health and safety, as well as that of its own team members. Aladdin is marking each of its service locations as “Safe Cafés” when they meet the strict standards put in place.

Learn more about Safe Cafés

Food Service

on the Fox Cities Campus

On the Fox Cities campus, you will find delicious, convenient food in our dining area serviced by Aladdin Food & Services Management.

Aladdin is also partnering with University Books & More this year to have key school supplies for sale at the on-campus dining location. These supplies will include pens, paper and highlighters and more.

University Dining and Aladdin continue to follow the direction of the University and DHS to ensure we create a safe space. If you plan on dining on campus this semester, these are key things to remember:

Mobile Ordering

Skip the lines and order ahead! Download Grubhub and get set up in advance for mobile ordering with your TitanCard or credit/debit. Select the location labeled “Fox’s Den at Fox Cities.”

Face Coverings

Should only be removed when you are actively eating or drinking.

Seating Areas

Try your best to be physically distant while you dine. Please try to limit using seating for dining for long periods of time to allow others time to sit and dine.


Washing Hands and Sanitation

Wash or sanitize your hands before consuming food or beverages. You will find a sanitation station in the dining seating to allow you to quickly sanitize a table or chair prior to staff coming through to complete regular sanitation.

Health and Hygeine

If you are not feeling well, do not come to a dining location. If you need a meal, remember you can use mobile ordering and someone else can pick up that meal for you.

The Fox's Den

The Fox’s Den is located down the hall from the Bookstore. It features a selection of favorites including grill items, sandwiches, beverages, and snacks.

Hours of Operation

Payment Methods
Credit/Debit, Titan Dollars and UWO Gift Card.

Mobile Ordering

Use Titan Dollars or credit/debit to order ahead from your mobile device on the Grubhub app. Set up mobile ordering in as simple as four steps:

  1. Download the Grubhub app (App Store; Google Play Store)
  2. Create an account, select Campus Dining from the settings, choose University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and find the location labeled “Fox’s Den at Fox Cities” to order. An in-depth guide for setting up the app and synching it with your UWO NetID can be found on the Mobile Ordering dining page.
  3. Choose what you’d like to eat, customize and place an order.

Pick up your food when the app tells you it’s ready!


Vending machines are located in key locations on campus to provide convenient snacks, on-the-go. Currently, all vending machines accept cash and credit cards.

Vending machines are high touch locations. Remember to wash or sanitize your hands after using the vending machine and before using your hands to consume any vended items.

Encounter a problem with a vending machine? Please follow the instructions on the vending machine to report any errors or request a refund.


It is essential that any group interested in an event and catering on-campus should start by securing the necessary reservation approvals to use space on-campus. Your direct contact on the Fox Cities campus for events and space reservations is Terri Perkins (

University Dining contracts with Aladdin to provide residential, retail and catered dining options for the UW Oshkosh community. Catering continues to be available on-campus with precautions being taken. Aladdin is also currently approved for self service buffets with the following expectations:

Aladdin will:

  • Ensure all their staff are following UWO vaccinations and pandemic guidance
  • Rotate service utensils during staffed buffets or provide additional service tools for drop off buffets
  • Work to accommodate special menus and requests to be as safe as possible

Group hosting the event must:

  • Provide sanitizer for guests at the food lines
  • Communicate with guests University protocols on vaccinations, face coverings and all other pandemic-related information
  • Work with Aladdin to have a sign on buffets reminding guests of the above

To learn about the catering and to book, please visit the Aladdin website.

Approved Off-Campus Vendors:
Food served by an approved off-campus vendor or purchased to sell on campus are only allowed under specific situations. If approved, any off campus approved vendor is expected to follow the same guidelines as the approved on-campus vendor Aladdin (listed above).


University Dining and Aladdin value your feedback and comments surrounding your experiences in our dining areas or with our catering events. Your feedback and comments can help us improve our service level, understand our customer expectations, and validate the offerings and customer service we are providing.

Talk to an Aladdin Manager
Do you have feedback or suggestions surrounding our Aladdin dining locations? Visit the Aladdin website or ask for the supervisor at the location.

Talk to UW Oshkosh University Dining Staff
Let us know your feedback; areas to improve or positive experiences. Please feel free to share any photos as well, if a visual would help explain your experience. Send an email to and we will respond directly to your email, after we have determined a solution or course of action.

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