Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of the College of Nursing, consistent with the missions of the University of Wisconsin System and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is to assist students, faculty and staff to:

  • Develop their potential as individuals and citizens with respect for human dignity and cultural diversity, with a commitment to personal excellence.
  • Gain the foundation for graduate education in nursing.
  • Develop advanced knowledge and skill to provide excellence in evidence-based practice, research and scholarship.
  • Acquire and disseminate the knowledge and abilities essential for assuming nursing responsibilities in a variety of settings, develop creativity, engage in lifelong learning, and think critically.
  • Develop strategic partnerships to enhance learning and improve health in the state of Wisconsin and beyond consistent with the UW Oshkosh mission.


The College of Nursing will build upon its tradition of developing caring and scholarly leaders who positively impact contemporary and future healthcare.


Altruism – An unselfish concern for the welfare of others. We strive to demonstrate an unselfish interest in others through caring, compassion, sensitivity and an openness to engage in helping relationships.

Autonomy – The right to self-determination. We strive to provide information and explore options that require individuals to look deep within themselves to find the answers to manage their problems effectively.

Human Dignity – The respectful awareness of the self-worth of each individual. We strive to interact with others in a respectful, efficient, courteous, and prompt manor with the assurance of complete confidentiality.

Integrity – Acting in accordance with an appropriate code of ethics and accepted standard of practice. We strive to build trust by being approachable, honest, and accountable for our words and actions.

Social Justice – Upholding moral, legal, and humanistic principals. We strive to create relationships, structures, and resources for the equality of optimal access to needed information and services along with meaningful participation in decision-making.

College of Nursing

Clow Social Science Center
Room C210
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