Admission Requirements

Detailed information for specific admission requirements can be found on the application process page.

Due to the competitive nature of the admission process, applicants should understand that meeting the minimum required criteria does not guarantee admission into the Accelerated BSN Option.

View Admission Policy here.

Required Criteria

    • Admission to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
    • Prior completion of non-nursing bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university with a
      minimum GPA of 2.5. If previous degree GPA is < 2.5, but applicant has a pre-nursing GPA of >3.0, the
      TEAS test must be completed and applicant must demonstrate proficiency in all categories at or above
      the national BSN program mean scores before being considered eligible to apply.
    •  Minimum pre-nursing GPA of 3.0 on the completed College of Nursing prerequisites
    • All of the required pre-requisite courses must be completed with a minimum “C” grade, (CD or C- are not acceptable).
    • Results of criminal background checks comply with standards required for clinical placement.
    • Completion of nursing assistant course with clinical component and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
      certification (all states’ certifications are accepted for admission purposes).
    • Proof of residence is required in one or more of the Approved States, while completing both theory and clinical components of the program. (Please note, the Accel option staff must be able to secure clinical rotations for the student in
      the community identified on their admission application in order to be officially accepted.)
    • Credential Evaluation: If any credentials come from outside the United States a course-by-course
      credential evaluator report (grades, credits and degree assessment) of foreign undergraduate and
      graduate academic records to be used for admission is required
    • Students educated outside of the United States must submit evidence of English language proficiency by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and achieving a minimum score of 71 ibt. The report must be mailed directly to UW Oshkosh (institution code: 1916) from the testing agency.


Preferred Criteria

  • Pre-nursing GPA of 3.25 or above on the completed College of Nursing prerequisites.
  • CNA work experience or other approved direct patient care experience totaling at least 240 hours
  • Activities reflecting service orientation [campus and/or community volunteer] totaling approximately
    20 hours per year in the past two years
  • Experience working with diverse populations (i.e. various age, ethnic, racial, or religious groups,
    working with individuals with special needs or individuals with physical disabilities)
  • All prerequisite coursework completed.

Appeal Form

This form is not required unless an exception is needed for one or more admission requirements.  


The following prerequisite courses must be included on the GPA calculation form when applying to the Accelerated BSN Option.

Science (minimum 4 out of 6 courses must be completed at time of application)
All science courses must include lecture and laboratory. If more than four science courses have been completed, GPA will be calculated using the best four grades.

Science Prerequisites UW Oshkosh Course Equivalent
Biological Concepts Bio 105 or 230
Anatomy Bio Bio 211
Physiology Bio Bio 212
Microbiology Bio 233 or 309
Chemistry I Chem 101 or 105
Biochemistry or Chemistry II Chem 102 or 106

*Other Prerequisites must be completed at time of application.

*Other Prerequisites UW Oshkosh Course Equivalent
English Composition WBIS 188 or English 101, 102, 300, 310, 312
General or Introductory Psychology Psych 101 or 102
Growth, Development and Health Across the Lifespan
(Must cover entire lifespan)
Nursing 200, Psych 391 or Ed Foundation 377
General education from first bachelor’s degree Considered on individual basis (6 credits)Courses may be in any University Studies Program or General Education area –   HU, ES, SS, NW, PE, MA, GE, NS, EN, XX, XK, XM, XC, XS, XL or any nursing elective
Additional Nursing Prerequisite Courses

The following courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher but are not calculated as part of the admission GPA:

*Additional Nursing Prerequisite Courses UW Oshkosh Course Equivalent
College Level Math Math 104 or higher and meets the general education requirement
Speech (Public Speaking) Comm – 111 or an equivalent course experience


Other Requirements

CNA Requirements

Certification as a nursing assistant in one’s home state is a required for admission into the Accelerated BSN Option.  However—to be a competitive applicant—actual work experience as a CNA at time of application is strongly recommended.

Students with CNA experience exhibit a notably stronger performance in the clinical component of the program. CNA experience provides an opportunity to learn basic nursing skills in a healthcare setting and care for patients as part of a nurse-led team. Accelerated BSN graduates consistently support the value of prior CNA experience after completing their clinical rotations.

Health Requirements

Once admitted into the Accelerated BSN Option, students are required to fulfill several health requirements in order to participate in clinical rotations. Specific requirements are provided upon admission.

Technology Requirements

A laptop computer with wireless card, camera, headset and required software are included in the tuition. Cable, broadband or satellite internet access is imperative.

High speed internet access is imperative. Slower internet connections will impede downloading of course
materials and timely exam completion. Laptop computers and other computer accessories are required. Details
and specifications will be provided upon admission.

Students are also required to view PDF forms and documents. Several other technologies are used throughout the curriculum, including Collaborate Ultra. Software training for these programs is provided during orientation.

Approved states for out-of-state students

Higher Learning Commission and State Board of Nursing approval is necessary for any program delivered in a state other than the state in which it originates. Students must reside in an approved state for the entire length of the program for both theory courses and clinical placements.

Click here to see list of approved states

The Accelerated Option is approved for individuals living in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

College of Nursing

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